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it should reach $120 according to the top 12 analysts on TipRanks
Try looking at the big picture. Over time this has been a great investment. Started in 1995 at $22 and has done nothing but make money over the years. stop being short sighted.
thus stock sucks
total cow manure
now negative
nice they spend 10 trillion and tge stock Rockets 50 cents
why such huge volatility
And why keep it for dividend when uou can get 4-5 percent risk free
This is hoing down to 80is within months!! Way overpriced and all other smaller players are beating them on new development
looks like you know what your doing
hmm I just got in and naturally it will never see green again brutal
Ignore small day to day changes. Long term is key.
120 loadin
At this point a small adjustment is logical.
Aehr test systems up the moon
Good company, but the price is way too high in light of its growth prospect and economic condition.
Breaking out . Watch for $120 Silvia,those dang "mrons and thier baseless predictions"
why would anyone be buying at this inflated level. This has run its course.
completely inflated... anyone buying this will get rekt like crazy.. these stocks are bitcoin in november 2021..
Wow. Compare big pharma with strong cash flow to cryptopoop. Good luck man, you will need it.
best stock ever
Hi guys, can i know the target price for this share?
Bought years ago, 1995 at $22. Long term investing works.
hom many shares did you buy 10
about 250
initially, then some more later
Bought this year's ago for $55. Think I will hold it forever.
how many shares did you buy 50
you should of bought shares instead of calling me a mron
They are selling a lot of finasteride for mens hairloss.