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OPEC To Extend Oil Production Cut Deal By Trade12 - 4 hours ago

Crude oil prices, which has been dropping lately after the OPEC deal last November to cut overall daily production did not prove to be as effective as the organization thought it would be in helping ...

Gary Christenson
Mile Markers On The Road To Ruin By Gary Christenson - 4 hours ago

We know much is currently wrong with our financial world, as discussed in the James Rickards book “The Road to Ruin” and elsewhere. The official U.S. government debt is nearly $20 ...

Dan Flynn
Commodities: Market Doldrums By Dan Flynn - 4 hours ago

Good Morning! This morning we have Export Sales at 7:30 A.M., Initial Jobless Claims at 7:30 A.M. and EIA Gas Storage at 9:30 A.M., Which brings us to Scott Disavino of Thomson Reuters weekly poll ...

Tim Knight
OPEC Announcement Market Impact By Tim Knight - 9 hours ago

I don’t think I let myself know just how nervous I was about the OPEC announcement in the wee hours of this morning (my time). When I woke up, however, it took me about one second to grab my ...

Craig Erlam
Oil Whacked As OPEC Discusses Cut Extension By Craig Erlam - 10 hours ago

US equity markets look likely to test their all-time highs on Thursday, with the S&P 500 on course to open at record levels and the Dow not far behind. The focus this morning has been on oil and ...

Jeffrey Halley
Will OPEC Deliver A Crude Missile? By Jeffrey Halley - 11 hours ago

Today’s OPEC meeting will determine the direction of oil for the coming months with an extension of the production cut widely expected. Anticipation is building in the oil market as the meeting ...

Jason Sen
WTI Crude: Longs Need Sops Below 4960 By Jason Sen - 14 hours ago

WTI Crude meets the 200 day moving average at 5195/99. In overbought conditions gains are likely to be limited, but with no sell signal yet, if we continue higher look for a move towards the 100 day ...

Jason Sen
Gold: Tests First Resistance At 1255/57 By Jason Sen - 14 hours ago 1

Gold holding above minor support at 1251/52 tests first resistance at 1255/57 before strong resistance again at 1264/65 which has held perfectly of course. HOWEVER mega important 4.5 year trend line ...