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Mike Paulenoff
T-Bills And Yield: My Plan By Mike Paulenoff - Jan 19, 2018 5

We've been long TBT – the inverse, double-levered, longer-term T-bond ETF – expecting a downturn in t-bond prices in conjunction with a generational opportunity to capture the upturn in ...

Tim Knight
Beautiful Bonds By Tim Knight - Jan 18, 2018

Of my five long-term option put positions – expiration: January 2019 – by far my favorite is bonds, symbol TLT. The pattern is about 70% complete at this point, but if it finishes, ...

Paban Pandey
Foreign Demand For Treasuries Still Decent By Paban Pandey - Jan 18, 2018

What if? What if China proceeds to reduce its purchases of Treasury securities? At $1.18 trillion, it is the largest holder. Japan – at $1.08 trillion – is close second. The U.S. Treasury...

Chris Kimble
Junk Bonds And Stocks: Watch This Divergence By Chris Kimble - Jan 17, 2018

Stock bulls historically like to see junk bonds moving higher yet worry when they are weak. Some view junk bonds as a leading indicator to where stocks are headed. Others get concerned for stocks when...

Ozal Talibli
ECB: All In 1 Chart By Ozal Talibli - Jan 15, 2018 4

I asked myself what can be loss if I you have a EUR portfolio with 100,000 DV01 and duration of 5. Well, I start thinking I am obsessed with 5 year duration. However, for your information in this ...

Mati Greenspan
China Has Trump By The Bonds By Mati Greenspan - Jan 12, 2018

It's earnings season on Wall Street and everyone is focused on the big banks. Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC), Blackrock (NYSE:BLK), and JP Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) will all report their fourth-quarter earnings...

Gregory W. Harmon
A Deep Dive Into U.S. Treasuries By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 10, 2018

How many of you can remember when US Treasury Bonds were physical pieces of paper, with coupons attached to them? I do not mean the Series E savings bonds you may have received at your birth, but the ...

Marc Chandler
Is The BoJ Tapering? By Marc Chandler - Jan 09, 2018

The G3 central banks are in flux. The Federal Reserve is gradually raising rates and allowing the balance sheet to shrink by not fully reinvesting the maturing proceeds. The ECB will purchase half as ...

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