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James Picerno
Bonds Popped Last Week As Stocks Stumbled By James Picerno - Oct 15, 2018

Foreign bonds posted the strongest gain for the major asset classes last week, delivering a contrast with falling prices in equity markets around the world, based on a set of exchange-traded products...

Lance Roberts
The Upcoming Bond Bull Market By Lance Roberts - Oct 11, 2018 4

The worse things seem, the better the opportunities are for profit. Such is the very nature of investing. Baron Rothschild, an 18th-century British nobleman and member of the Rothschild banking...

Gregory W. Harmon
Have You Been Watching Bonds? By Gregory W. Harmon - Oct 03, 2018

When the Fed announced that they were going to stop Quantitative Easing the Bond market felt a shock. But is soon recovered and stopped bleeding. Then they announced the first interest rate hikes and...

Callum Thomas
Global Bond Selloff Ahead? By Callum Thomas - Oct 03, 2018

Quick post. Here's a chart I featured in a recent report on global bonds. It's also one of the resident charts in the global-scan page of my weekly market chart pack.... TO THE POINT: global sovereign...

Tim Knight
Broad Bonds By Tim Knight - Oct 01, 2018

Slowly, slowly, the wheel turns, and I’m very pleased to see bonds still in tip-top shape. I’ve removed the price bars so you can see the drawn objects and moving averages plainly and...

Jay Kaeppel
The (Potential) Bullish Case For Bonds By Jay Kaeppel - Sep 28, 2018

OK, first the bad news. In terms of the long-term, we are probably in the midst of a rising interest rate environment. Consider the information contained in Figure 1 from McClellan Financial...

John Mousseau
A Tale Of Two Ratios: Shorter And Longer By John Mousseau - Sep 27, 2018

In a year when we have seen commentators talking about the relative flatness of yield curves, we have a conundrum when we look at the US Treasury yield curve and the US muni yield curve (shown here as...

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