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John Coumarianos
Workhorse Bond Funds Analysis By John Coumarianos - Feb 10, 2019

In our assessment of popular bond funds, we looked at a group of bond funds that often make shortlists for advisors –DoubleLine Total Return Bond I, DoubleLine Core Fixed Income I, PIMCO Total...

Ed Yardeni
U.S. Bonds: Doing The Unexpected By Ed Yardeni - Feb 07, 2019

Last year, the 10-year US Treasury bond yield peaked at 3.24% on November 8 . Last year, when the yield first rose above 3.00% on May 14, there was lots of chatter about how it was likely to rise to...

Hale Stewart
Fed Pauses As Economy Starts To Soften By Hale Stewart - Jan 20, 2019

Summary The latest PPI and CPI reports indicate that price pressures are contained. The Beige Book contained weaker anecdotal comments. Three more Fed governors issued dovish statements. This week,...

Jesse Colombo
Is The Junk Bond Sell-Off Over? By Jesse Colombo - Jan 17, 2019

In late-November, I warned that plunging oil prices and the bursting of a Fed-driven bubble in the shale energy industry would also cause a bust in high-yield or “junk” bonds (because the...

Hale Stewart
Bond Market Week In Review January 7-11 By Hale Stewart - Jan 13, 2019 1

Summary The latest Fed Minutes indicate a clear change in policy. Speeches by Fed presidents support this analysis. The yield curve continues to narrow; we're seeing modest inversions in small...

Petros Steriotis
U.S. 10-Year Yield January 14 Preview By Petros Steriotis - Jan 12, 2019 2

United States 10-Year: I believe that the break below this multi-year support line of Treasury yields is a very positive indication for global equities rather than a signal of “return to...

Gregory W. Harmon
What About Sagging Bonds By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 11, 2019

It started with pants. Guys started to pull them down exposing their underwear. Sagging pants they called it. It became a cultural thing. You saw it everywhere. Stories appeared with kids unable to...

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