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Jason Sen
Bund Daily Forecast - 17 August 2018 By Jason Sen - Aug 17, 2018

Bund minor resistance at 163.60/55 but above 163.70 retests trend line resistance at 163.84/86. A break above 163.97/164.02 tests the May high at 164.15/19. Holding 163.60/55 retests strong support...

Jason Sen
Bund Daily Forecast: August 16, 2018 By Jason Sen - Aug 16, 2018

Bund holds trend line resistance at 163.84/86 where a high for the day was expected. If we unexpectedly continue higher look for a test of 163.97/164.02 before the May high at 164.15/19. Failure to...

Tim Knight
Bid-a-Bing, Bid-a-Bond: NQ, ES And ZB By Tim Knight - Aug 13, 2018

As I tweeted out last night, I spent the entire weekend putting the finishing touches on my latest book, and I am tremendously proud of it. I will be telling you about it (and how to get it) here on...

Chris Kimble
Interest Rates And Topping Patterns By Chris Kimble - Aug 10, 2018

The trend for interest rates over the past couple of years is clearly higher, as yields have risen sharply. The United States 10-Year trend over the past 6 years is flat and the same can be said for...

Mike (Mish) Shedlock
Italian Bond Market Crisis Coming Up By Mike (Mish) Shedlock - Aug 07, 2018

Italy's 10-Year bond yield surged around the Italian election. There's heavy issuance in Sept and ECB tapering in Oct. The yield on Italian bonds surged in May on the victory of the League- and Five...

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