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Gregory W. Harmon
Upside In Favor In Bond Prices By Gregory W. Harmon - Jul 19, 2017

Two weeks ago I highlighted a crucial area in the Treasury Bond ETF (NYSE:GOVT) here. The price of the ETF was breaking support of both a rising channel and a horizontal consolidation zone, once ...

Jill Mislinski
Treasury Yields: A Long-Term Perspective By Jill Mislinski - Jul 13, 2017

Let's have a look at a long-term perspective on Treasury yields as of Friday's close. The chart below shows the 10-Year Constant Maturity yield since 1962 along with the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) and ...

Tim Knight
I'm Shorting A Couple Of Bond Funds By Tim Knight - Jul 10, 2017

Not feeling terribly inspired right now, so I’ll just share with you a couple of positions I’ve got focused on bond funds. The first of these is the high-yield bond fund iShares iBoxx $ ...

Callum Thomas
Reflation Futures Positioning Resets By Callum Thomas - Jul 09, 2017

The latest round of COT futures positioning data confirms a very interesting pattern that we have observed over the past year. There has been a massive swing in speculative futures positioning from ...

Cumberland Advisors
Puerto Rico Insured By Cumberland Advisors - Jul 06, 2017

We closely follow the bond insurers because they remain an important part of the municipal market, and they are integral to our Insured Puerto Rico Strategy. Cumberland exited all uninsured Puerto ...

Bond Breadth Breakdown By ValueWalk - Jul 05, 2017

One of the key indicators we track in our bond strategy analysis is global sovereign bond-market breadth. This simply captures the proportion of global government bond yields that are trending up/down...

Callum Thomas
Emerging Market Bond Flows By Callum Thomas - Jul 05, 2017

Emerging market bonds have come under pressure along with the rest of the bond market as a sort of Taper 2.0 has hit the market [ECB moving toward taper, BoJ already effectively doing a stealth taper,...

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