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Hale Stewart
Bond Market Week In Review For December 3-7 By Hale Stewart - Dec 09, 2018

Summary The most recent Beige Book has more bearish commentary than we've seen over the last few years. According to the WSJ, the Fed is thinking about pausing its rate hiking program after a December...

John Mousseau
November’s Bond-Market Bounce By John Mousseau - Dec 04, 2018

The last three weeks of November saw a bounce in the bond market, with intermediate and longer bond yields falling after spending most of 2018 rising. If we look at the US Treasury market (chart 1),...

Matthew Weller
Bonds Ignore US-China Ceasefire By Matthew Weller - Dec 03, 2018

As you’ve no doubt heard, US President Trump and Chinese President Xi were able to reach a ceasefire agreement at the G20 summit in Argentina over the weekend. In exchange for the US agreeing to...

John Mousseau
Midterm Elections – A Quick Muni Note By John Mousseau - Nov 07, 2018

Here’s our first take after the midterm elections. The polls actually got it right, with the Democrats taking the House of Representatives and the Republicans enjoying a slight pickup in the...

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