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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Stephen Innes
Macro Thoughts: the Stampede Into Bonds By Stephen Innes - Jan 22, 2023

The 2022 macro narrative was dominated by the highly positive correlation between bond and stock prices (i.e. rising yields and falling stocks). In this period, exogenous central bank action drove...

Chris Kimble
Odds Favor Lower Bond Yields in Months Ahead By Chris Kimble - Jan 20, 2023 1

Interest rates have risen rather quickly as the Federal Reserve attempts to fight inflation. Will the move be a case of too far, too fast? Today’s long-term monthly chart of the United States 10-Year...

James Picerno
Have U.S. Yields Peaked? By James Picerno - Dec 20, 2022 1

Markets continue to fall, and trailing yields continue to rise. The inverse relationship, in theory, presents yield-hungry investors with enhanced opportunity. The challenge, as always, is whether to...

Blake Morrow
U.S. 10-Year Yields About to Head Higher? By Blake Morrow  - Dec 15, 2022

10-Year US Yields About to Rebound Higher?The United States 10-Year Yields have been pulling back since toping back in October at 4.33% but are they about to rebound from current levels? The market...

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