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Michele Schneider (Mish)

Joined: 22/10/19

More Information

Michele ‘Mish’ Schneider serves as Director of Trading Education at For 20 years, has provided financial information and education to thousands. MarketWatch named Mish one of the top 50 financial people to follow on twitter. In 2018, Mish won the Top Stock Pick of the year for RealVision. Recently, she has appeared on Bloomberg TV and
Mish spent 13 years as one of the only female members of several NY Commodity Exchanges in the World Trade Center. Her book, Plant Your Money Tree: A Guide to Growing Your Wealth earned best new release on Amazon in 3 categories-Intro to Investing, Retirement Planning and Business and Finance. It also won the award for best wealth book 2019. With 40 years of trading experience, Mish is not only considered one of the best swing traders, but also one of the best teachers, combining her 40 years of trading experience along with a special education background.

Trading Experience:    5 Years +
Trader Type:    Swing Trader
Markets Traded:    Stocks, Indices, Futures, Bonds
Currency Pairs Traded:    EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY
Skill Level:    Professional
Favorite Trading Platform:    TradeStation By TradeStation Securities
Preferred Approach:    Technical


Indicators Used:    52-wk High/Low, Absolute Breadth, Accum Dist - PrVol, Advance-Decl Line, Advance-Decl Ratio, Average True Range, Bid & Ask, Bollinger Bands, Custom 1 Line, Custom 3 Lines, Day Open-Hi-Lo Lines, Day Open-Hi-Lo RT, Floor Trader Pivots, Line, MACD, McClellan Osc, Moving Average (Adaptive, Envelopes, Exp), Exponential, Weighted, Price Channel, Price Volume Trend, RSI, Strategy Equity, Trendlines Automatic, Typical Price, Volatility, Volatility, Volume (All Opts, Calls, Puts, Avg, Dn, Osc, ROC, Ratio, Up, UpDn), Weighted Close
Preferred Trading Time Frame:    5 min, 30 min, daily, weekly, monthly


Favorite Trading Books:    Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
Favorite Trading Magazines:    Stocks and Commodities