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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Double Dividend Stocks
Topsy Turvy Week For The Market By Double Dividend Stocks - 13 hours ago

Markets: The market had a topsy turvy week – up 2 days, down 3, but broke its 2-week slump with an up week. Investor tax reform enthusiasm faded on Friday, in the face of worries over this ...

Jack Chan
Oil Sector On A Major Buy Signal By Jack Chan - 14 hours ago 1

Our equity/bond model - This long term reliable investing model provides investors with simple decision making in the markets: When the model favors stocks, investors should overweigh in equities for ...

Tony Caldaro
Market Pulled Back To SPX 2349 On Friday By Tony Caldaro - 15 hours ago

REVIEW The market started this gap filled week at SPX 2329. A gap up opening Monday took the SPX to 2349. Then after a gap down opening on Tuesday the market found support at SPX 2335. A gap up ...

David Fabian
The Low Down On Long-Short ETFs By David Fabian - 16 hours ago

EMAIL INBOX: Dave – read your article today. What is your take on the long short ETF space at this point in the market? Products like DYLS and DYB are looking more appealing in my opinion. ...

Lance Roberts
Markets Rally As Expected. Now What?   By Lance Roberts - 16 hours ago 2

Market Rallies As Expected In last weekend's newsletter, I suggested the markets could rally this week with some very specific caveats. Let’s review where we are. (All charts updated through ...

Trader Moe
ES: Size Matters By Trader Moe - 16 hours ago

The Key to this Top is the Orange Triangle ES is back inside the top of its navy blue year long megaphone, which is also a rising megaphone (gray bottom). ES needs a retrace to the light blue ...