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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Gregory W. Harmon
4 Ways To Trade Goldman Sachs By Gregory W. Harmon - 41 minutes ago

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is on the verge of a major breakout. The stock hit a high near 251 in 2007 before dropping precipitously during the financial crisis to a low under 50, a drop of over 80%. ...

Chris Kimble
Watch This Wal-Mart Pattern By Chris Kimble - 50 minutes ago

Retail stocks have had little to brag about over the past couple of years. But that trend -- at least for WMT -- may be about to change. Below looks at Wal-Mart's performance over the past decade. As ...

Trader Moe
Critical Decision Point For IWM By Trader Moe - 1 hour ago

IWM is Back at the Top of its Red Megaphone IWM is back at the top of the big red megaphone that it’s been working on since December of 2013. The ETF is at a critical decision point for whether...

Essentra: Doing It Better   By Edison - 5 hours ago

Essentra PLC (LON:ESNT): A new CEO-led corporate recovery programme is underway and many key ingredients to achieve this are visible. Acknowledging lower FY17e earnings, clearer strategic direction ...

Elliott Wave Forecast
ASX: Showing 5 Waves Up From 2/7 By Elliott Wave Forecast - 9 hours ago

In this Technical blog we are going to take a quick look at ASX All Ordinaries from Australia cycle from February 2017 lows, here’s the short review of previous blog from February 1, in which ...