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Gary Savage
It's Not Yet Time To Buy Miners By Gary Savage - 2 hours ago 2

Most people are still trying to short stocks and buy metals. I’ll tell you when it’s time to buy miners (via VanEck Vectors Gold Miners (NYSE:GDX) and VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ...

Mohamed Lewaa
EGX 30 for GDR Followers By Mohamed Lewaa - 18 hours ago

EGX30 Weekly Chart (Medium Term) 1.The EGX30 is moving in a side way represented by the symmetrical triangle shown above at the upper boundaries penetration price level 0f 13100 will be the push up ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Semiconductors Show Technical Upside By Gregory W. Harmon - May 26, 2017

We end the week with a long-term look at the Semiconductor Index. These stocks have driven a lot of the gains in the market over the last few months, outside of the FAANG favorites. The SOX has moved ...

Marc Chandler
Oil And The S&P 500 By Marc Chandler - May 26, 2017 2

Oil-price fluctuation is often cited as an important factor driving equities. Our work shows that this is not always the case and that the correlation between the price of oil and the S&P 500 ...

Chris Kimble
The Gold Miners Are About To Breakout By Chris Kimble - May 26, 2017 2

It's hard to find an investor who is bullish about the Gold miner ETF (NYSE:GDX), as outflows hit levels never before seen. Below looks at inflows/outflows from GDX over the past 11 years. As you can ...