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Risk markets' reaction to Fed’s favorite inflation tool: 'Meh'

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ETF Central
The Low Volatility Anomaly By ETF Central - Jan 19, 2023

During periods of high market volatility, the natural inclination of investors is to pivot towards asset classes, such as cash, for safety. But there is an alternative course of action, Low Volatility...

Tim Knight
Only the Monsters By Tim Knight - Nov 16, 2022

The good news for the bears is that the lower highs on the Dow 30 ‘diamonds” are still absolutely intact. The not-so-good news is that the descending trendline is damaged. However, breaking a...

Tim Knight
ETF Focus: Commodities By Tim Knight - Nov 13, 2022 1

Let’s look at a few commodity ETFs together. In general, they have remained in an uptrend for two years. This channel needs to break in order for commodities to start a downtrend, which is going to...

Tim Knight
Utilities Opportunity: Puts on XLU By Tim Knight - Nov 07, 2022 1

I bought January puts on Utilities Select Sector SPDR® Fund (NYSE:XLU) this morning. My view is that the empty chasm between present price levels and that lower support trendline is an opportunity....

Tim Knight
ETF Abroad By Tim Knight - Nov 07, 2022

Time to hop overseas and explore some non-U.S. markets by way of their ETFs. We start with one of the biggies, the EFA, which is all markets except North America. There is potential for more strength...

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