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Most Popular Analysis

Marc Chandler
Trump's Comments Send The Dollar Reeling By Marc Chandler - 16 hours ago 2

The US dollar is broadly lower against major and emerging market currencies. It has given up yesterday's gains and more. The proximate cause appears to be comments by President-elect Trump in a Wall ...

Adam Hamilton
Big Gold Buying Coming By Adam Hamilton - Jan 15, 2017 3

Gold has hit the ground running in this young new year, a stark contrast to its brutal post-election selloff. Rather remarkably, these strong recent gains accrued despite literally zero buying from ...

Tim Knight
Euro May Be Ready To Reverse By Tim Knight - 8 hours ago 3

The euro has been strengthening since 2017 began, but it seems to me that based on FXE, we’re up against a potential reversal point. On a semi-related point, I still haven't sold my long DUST ...

Phil Flynn
Commodity Crazy By Phil Flynn - 10 hours ago

Donald Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, warns of a strong dollar and the dollar drops as hot inflation data in the UK has commodities going crazy. Big bullish swings...

Gary Savage
The Dollar Is Heading Down   By Gary Savage - 12 hours ago 1

Everyone is going to be caught on the wrong side of this market as sentiment is excessively bullish. The dollar is due for a 3-year cycle low sometime in 2017.

Investment U
Gold Price Trends In 2017 By Investment U - 12 hours ago 1

2016 was a strange year for gold. In the first half of the year, a massive bull run brought the price of an ounce near $1,400. But then, in the summer, the bottom fell out on this rally, and the ...

Chris Kimble
USD May Be Topping By Chris Kimble - 11 hours ago

The US dollar has been moving higher for nearly a decade, and the uptrend continues. Is that about to change? Could King Dollar lose strength here? If it turns lower, what opportunities will present ...