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Kathy Lien
Dollar Firm As Traders Position For Yellen By Kathy Lien - 3 hours ago 4

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. The U.S. dollar is off to a strong start this week as the greenback recovered earlier losses against the euro and British pound...

Dr. Duru
A Sweet Spot For The Mexican Peso By Dr. Duru - Jun 25, 2017

Just as I had hoped and anticipated, the Banco de Mexico hiked its interest rate to 7.0% on June 22nd and kept pace with the U.S. Federal Reserve’s rate hike. Apparently, this rate hike was not ...

Kathy Lien
Another Week Of Summer FX Grind? By Kathy Lien - Jun 23, 2017 4

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. By all counts, it was an extremely quiet week in the foreign-exchange market. There was very little change in the U.S. dollar, ...

Mike Paulenoff
Gold's 'Fat-Finger' Mistake: What's Next? By Mike Paulenoff - 6 hours ago

Suddenly and for no particular reason, gold futures plunged early Monday EST from $1255 to $1236. In the wake, the wires were buzzing about a "fat-finger trade," but who knows. Since the plunge, ...

Chris Vermeulen
Crude Oil's New Bear Market By Chris Vermeulen - 9 hours ago

Crude oil is has entered a new bear market, the definition of which is when an asset class is down more than 20% from its recent high. It has been more than five years since the market fell so hard so...

Matthew Weller
It's All About Biotech: Stocks To Watch By Matthew Weller - Jun 23, 2017

Michael Bay's latest installment in the Transformers series came out this week and based on the early reviews, it's worse than the rest. Instead of wasting a couple hours of your time on that ...

Ipek Ozkardeskaya
FOMC Chair Janet Yellen Due To Speak By Ipek Ozkardeskaya - 16 hours ago

FTSE +24 points at 7448 DAX +37 points at 12770 CAC +19 points at 5285 Euro Stoxx +13 points at 3556 The US dollar kicked off the week with a tiny appetite after the June preliminary PMI figures ...

Talking Forex
USD May Rise Next Week   By Talking Forex - Jun 23, 2017

After a week of range trading, the USD should see a pick up (of sorts) as we get a little more colour on the economy from hard data rather than mere rhetoric (from the Fed). Due to the spectrum of ...

Gary Tanashian
Euro Shorts And U.S. Sector Rotation By Gary Tanashian - Jun 23, 2017 1

In line with our bullish forward view on USD, behold the very bearish state of the Commercial Hedger positions in the euro (courtesy of Sentimentrader). Recent historical data speaks for itself. It ...

Doug Eberhardt
Is Gold Ready To Break $1,300? By Doug Eberhardt - 20 hours ago 2

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been writing that metals would be turning the corner higher after the Fed. This past week we did move higher in metals and miners. This should continue but there ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Gold Docks In Its Box By Mark Mead Baillie - Jun 25, 2017

Fraternize about Gold with folks here amongst Monaco's financiers and wealth managers and you'll span pretty much the same spectrum of 180° out-phase-opinions as you'll find elsewhere. A close ...

Kathy Lien
We’re Watching CAD, GBP And EUR By Kathy Lien - Jun 22, 2017 6

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management Summer must be here because it was an extremely quiet day in the forex market. Aside from the Canadian dollar’s big move ...