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Marc Chandler
Trump's Comments Send The Dollar Reeling By Marc Chandler - Jan 17, 2017 4

The US dollar is broadly lower against major and emerging market currencies. It has given up yesterday's gains and more. The proximate cause appears to be comments by President-elect Trump in a Wall ...

Kathy Lien
Has USD Bottomed? By Kathy Lien - 18 hours ago 3

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. The U.S. dollar traded sharply higher against all of the major currencies Wednesday as the fundamentals we have been ...

Tim Knight
Euro May Be Ready To Reverse By Tim Knight - Jan 17, 2017 3

The euro has been strengthening since 2017 began, but it seems to me that based on FXE, we’re up against a potential reversal point. On a semi-related point, I still haven't sold my long DUST ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Gold’s Inflection Point By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 18, 2017 1

Gold had a great run higher off of a bottom in December 2015. It peaked 7 months later in July 2016 and over 30% higher. That period was followed by 3 months of consolidation before it turned back ...

Gary Savage
Gold Hits 38% Fib By Gary Savage - Jan 18, 2017 5

Gold has tagged the 38% Fibonacci retracement of the previous intermediate cycle. This is the most likely spot for gold to drop into a half-cycle low if it’s going to produce one. Dips are ...

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