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Robert Zach

Joined: 23/11/17

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Robert is a financial expert with extensive experience in the banking and investment industry. He has a degree in finance and economics and started his career at a bank in Germany where he gained extensive experience in dealing with high net worth clients.
After a few years, Robert decided to deepen his trading skills and joined UrbanForex, a prop trading firm in Hong Kong. There he developed trading strategies for clients and expanded his knowledge of the capital markets.
In addition to his work at UrbanForex, Robert also worked as a financial expert at FXStreet, where he expanded his experience in market analysis and financial report writing.At the end of 2017, Robert joined the team.
As part of the team, Robert brings his in-depth knowledge and experience to help investors around the world achieve their financial goals.

Trader Type:    Trader
Preferred Approach:    Not Specific