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10 year Bond Yield Chart

USA Government Bonds

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 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 US 30Y Yield3.0263.0523.0663.003-0.026-0.87%17/02 
 US 10Y Yield2.4202.4502.4652.400-0.030-1.22%17/02 
 US 5Y Yield1.9051.9401.9561.890-0.035-1.81%17/02 
 US 2Y Yield1.1941.2101.2261.182-0.016-1.30%17/02 

Major World Government Bonds

Americas Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 US 10Y Yield2.4202.4502.4652.400-0.030-1.22%17/02 
 Canada 10Y1.7061.7111.7511.694-0.005-0.29%19/02 
 Brazil 10Y10.43010.43010.56010.380-0.0300.00%17/02 

European Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 Germany 10Y0.3140.2970.3250.307+0.017+5.72%11:17:25 
 UK 10Y Yield1.2321.2121.2431.220+0.020+1.65%11:17:32 
 Spain 10Y1.6351.6221.6421.610+0.013+0.80%11:17:35 
 Italy 10Y2.2002.1762.2072.163+0.024+1.10%11:17:32 

Asian Pacific Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 Japan 10Y0.0950.0930.0960.086+0.002+2.15%11:15:00 
 Australia 10Y2.8022.8042.8182.784-0.002-0.07%11:01:16 
 Hong Kong 10Y1.8601.8601.8681.860-0.033-1.74%07:35:16 

Bond Indices

 IndexLastHighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 DB Long US Treasury Bond Futures215.8800215.8800215.880000%21/09 
 TR Canadian All Bond All210.035210.035210.0350.0000.00%17/02 
 FTSE Eurozone Government Bond >10Y143.353143.886143.282-0.532-0.37%11:17:00 
 TR UK 10 Years Government Benchmark908.463908.463908.4630.0000.00%19/02 

Financial Futures

 NameLastPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 US 10Y T-Note124.59124.76124.75124.57-0.17-0.14%11:09:35 
 US 30Y T-Bond151.11151.52151.45150.95-0.41-0.27%11:09:55 
 Euro Bund164.360164.430164.460164.190-0.070-0.04%11:17:25 
 UK Gilt126.22126.41126.36126.10-0.19-0.15%11:17:25 
 Japan Govt. Bond149.97150.03150.01149.94-0.06-0.04%07:36:50 

This Week's Auctions

Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
Monday, February 20, 2017
05:45   EUR Dutch 3-Month T-bill Auction -0.740%   -0.621%
05:45   EUR Dutch 6-Month T-bill Auction -0.700%   -0.616%
09:00   EUR French 12-Month BTF Auction     -0.589%
09:00   EUR French 3-Month BTF Auction     -0.665%
09:00   EUR French 6-Month BTF Auction     -0.695%
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
11:30   USD 3-Month Bill Auction     0.540%
11:30   USD 4-Week Bill Auction     0.515%
11:30   USD 6-Month Bill Auction     0.645%
13:00   USD 2-Year Note Auction     1.210%
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
05:35   EUR German 30-Year Bund Auction     1.200%
13:00   USD 5-Year Note Auction     1.988%