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Lance Roberts
Why Another 50% Correction Is Possible By Lance Roberts - 10 hours ago 1

All of sudden….volatility. Well, that is what it seems like anyway after several years of a steady grind higher in the markets. However, despite the pickup in volatility, the breaks of previous...

Boris Schlossberg
In Fx – No Place To Hide By Boris Schlossberg - 11 hours ago

Market Drivers December 10, 2018 EU Reverses anti-dollar flows UK data misses across the board Nikkei -2.12% Dax -0.68%Oil $52/bblGold $1246/oz. Europe and Asia: GBP UK Trade -11.8B vs. -10.5B GBP UK...

Mati Greenspan
OPEC Strikes A Deal By Mati Greenspan - 12 hours ago

As with many things in the crypto world, the methods we use to determine the value of cryptoassets is still under construction. One of the thought leaders when it comes to building these fundamentals...

Jeremy Cook
G20 Meeting Keeps Things Quiet By Jeremy Cook - 12 hours ago

EUR: Can we hang on? EUR/USD has run higher in the past day or so courtesy of some comments from Fed Chair Powell about the prospects for future interest rate increases in the States next year. The...

Jeremy Cook
USD: The Biggest Loser By Jeremy Cook - 12 hours ago

USD: Fed leaks The US was the biggest loser in yesterday’s trading. A leak ahead of the Fed meeting suggested that they felt rates were “just below” neutral. If you compare this with...

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