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Market Overview

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Eco Chart   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - 9 hours ago

In the US, the normalisation of the monetary policy has been put on hold for the time being pending the release of stronger data. The rebound in oil prices has brought relief for the ...

Jay Hawk
When To Short The USD? By Jay Hawk - 9 hours ago

We are half way into February, but the jury is still out as far as what the next twelve months might bring. Uncertainty surrounds President Trump’s entreaties of better days to come, but ...

Jeremy Cook
Brexit’s Bill; UK Consumer In Trouble By Jeremy Cook - 11 hours ago

Brexit bill in the Lords With Parliament back in session, Brexit is back to being the number one concern for the pound. A year ago to the day, David Cameron strode out of the 10 Downing Street and ...