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Market Overview

Gary Tanashian
When The Stock Pig Tops By Gary Tanashian - 15 hours ago

Flying Pig Filed under the category ‘smartest group of subscribers in the world’, I got an email from NFTRH subscriber Joe F. last week as I was mechanically managing the gold market in my...

Danske Markets
Reading The Markets Sweden   By Danske Markets - 21 hours ago

Wage negotiations - a smooth ride. In the meantime, some data. A QE exit more than priced in 4-5Y SGBs. To read the entire report Please click on the pdf File Below

James Picerno
Trumponomics Vs. Economic Forecasts By James Picerno - 22 hours ago

Economic forecasting that’s largely informed by politics is a treacherous affair, but it may be unavoidable in the current climate. If you’re a Donald Trump supporter there’s a good ...

MN Gordon
The Dow Speaks: “In Trump We Trust” By MN Gordon - 22 hours ago

The rewards of being the president, these days, are few and far between. Just ask President Trump. The work hours are terrible, the pay is far less than that of a corporate CEO, and you’re ...

Craig Erlam
Dow Winning Streak Under Threat On Friday By Craig Erlam - 23 hours ago

The Dow’s winning streak is set to be seriously tested on Friday, with US futures currently indicating that all three major indices will open around one third of a percentage point lower. In the...

Bitcoin Bounces To New Highs By AvaTrade - 23 hours ago

Bitcoin hit $1172.09, an all-time peak for the cryptocurrency. The digital currency is linked to bullish bets in times of uncertainty, currently making a name for itself as a safe-haven asset. During...

Colin Lloyd
EU In The Long Run   By Colin Lloyd - 23 hours ago

What impact could the NATO defence spending renegotiation have on EU budgets, bonds and stocks? In 2006 NATO partners agreed to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence Germany’s defence spending ...

Jeremy Cook
Market Confused As Trump No Clearer On China By Jeremy Cook - Feb 24, 2017

Do they or don’t they? We have a slightly confused market this morning as the politics of trade and sitting governments trump the politics of elections for once. Most of the confusion is focused...

Danske Markets
Danske Daily - 24 February 2017   By Danske Markets - Feb 24, 2017

Today is another quiet day in terms of major economic data releases. In the US today, we are due to get the final figures from the University of Michigan in February. Although the preliminary figure ...

London Capital Group
Frexit Relief On Bayrou Bow Out By London Capital Group - Feb 23, 2017

Numerous corporate results, a positive development for mainstream French politics and typically vague minutes from the latest US interest rate-setting meeting have given investors pause for ...

The National Bank of Canada
Retail Sales Down By The National Bank of Canada - Feb 23, 2017

After the publication of Canadian retail sales figures for December, the Canadian dollar appeared to be headed for a day down against the U.S. dollar. While the economists surveyed expected them to ...