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Gregory W. Harmon
Pay Attention To Small-Cap Technicals By Gregory W. Harmon - Aug 18, 2017

Thursday was a strong down-trend day with all markets falling 1.5 to 2%. That hasn't happened for a long time so sentiment is moving to extremes. Lots of questions and rhetoric about this being 'THE ...

Dr. Duru
The Retail Wreck Runs Over Strong Data By Dr. Duru - Aug 16, 2017

AT40 = 39.5% of stocks are trading above their respective 40-day moving averages (DMAs)AT200 = 50.4% of stocks are trading above their respective 200DMAsVIX = 12.0Short-term Trading Call: ...

Keith Weiner
Bitcoin Has No Yield, But Gold Does By Keith Weiner - Aug 14, 2017 2

Last week, we said: It is commonly accepted to say the dollar is “printed”, but we can see from this line of thinking it is really borrowed. There is a real borrower on the other side of ...

Lance Roberts
Some Thoughts On “Long-Term Investing” By Lance Roberts - Aug 14, 2017 1

Last week, I was having lunch with a prospective portfolio management client discussing the current market and economic backdrop and the related risk to invested capital. During our appetizer of stone...

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