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Viktor Shpakovsky
The State Of Blockchain: 3 Ventures By Viktor Shpakovsky - 19 hours ago

Projects that are currently getting ready for the upcoming ICOs are surprisingly varied, which is quite revealing, since Blockchain technologies will be applied in a wide variety of economic and ...

Guillaume Touzet
Battle Of The Cryptocurrencies By Guillaume Touzet - Sep 20, 2017

Cryptocurrencies are at a crossroad right now with countries like China that sees cryptocurrencies as a disturbance and wants to rapidly regulate or even forbid new ICOs and other countries where ...

Jason Sen
Bitcoin: Try Shorts With Stops Above 4500 By Jason Sen - Sep 20, 2017

Bitcoin will hopefully target the best selling opportunity of the week at 4200/4300. Try shorts with stops above 4500. Bulls will need to see a sustained break above 4400 if they are to have any hope...

Arthur Azizov
Is Bitcoin A Bubble? (Nobody Cares) By Arthur Azizov - Sep 19, 2017

On Tuesday, Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, said Bitcoin is "in a bubble". Euro would have lost not less than 1% on such a comment, while ...

Samuel Rae
Sonocoin And The Crypto Space By Samuel Rae - Sep 19, 2017 1

No element of finance or technology has caught the attention and imagination of mainstream news media, and the people that consume it, more than bitcoin and blockchain have done during 2017. Right ...

Jason Sen
Bitcoin: Can Bulls Regain Control? By Jason Sen - Sep 19, 2017 1

Bitcoin beats first resistance at 3880/3910 as predicted, targeting probably the best selling opportunity of the week at 4200/4300. Try shorts with stops above 4500. Bulls will need to see a ...

Is Ripple Poised To Disrupt Bitcoin? By Investing.com - Sep 19, 2017 20

by Tanzeel Akhtar If you haven’t heard of Ripple (XRP) already, now is a good time to get to know the digital currency. Though still low key, Ripple has huge potential and could soon rival ...

Jason Sen
Bitcoin: Further Recovery Is Likely By Jason Sen - Sep 18, 2017

Bitcoin I have only been charting for a week so I am very happy with the negative call on the completion of the head and shoulders at 4200. We hit all targets as far as strong support at 3140/3100. ...

Clive Maund
Crypto Crash: Lambs To The Slaughter By Clive Maund - Sep 15, 2017 7

Since my warning about Cryptos, entitled The Cryptocrash and Gold, cryptos have plunged about 30% and more still if you factor in recent losses, not helped of course by China's recent crackdown on ...

Chris Kimble
Bitcoin's Potential Eiffel Tower Pattern By Chris Kimble - Sep 15, 2017 4

Legendary investor Sir John Templeton once said that outside of the Bible, he had learned more from one book than any other. When he shared this idea, I couldn’t wait to find out what book it ...

Jason Sen
Bitcoin: Oversold In A Bull Trend By Jason Sen - Sep 15, 2017 1

Bitcoin hit all downside targets as far as 3230/10. We are now getting very oversold in what is still a bull trend. 3230/10 is the 100 day moving average and could certainly mark a low for the ...

Dimitri Speck
Bitcoin: Which Day Is Best To Trade? By Dimitri Speck - Sep 14, 2017 4

Crypto-Statistics In the last issue of Seasonal Insights I discussed how the S&P 500 index performs on individual days of the week. In this issue I will show an analysis of the average cumulative ...

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