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Cryptocurrency Opinion & Analysis

Dr. Arnout ter Schure
Local Top in Bitcoin Soon? By Dr. Arnout ter Schure - Feb 20, 2024 1

In our last update on Bitcoin (BTC), from almost a month ago, we found that based on our Elliott Wave Principle (EWP) count: “…BTC should now be in (grey) W-a of green W-2. …...

Timothy Fries
Can 2024 Be a Landmark Year for Bitcoin? By Timothy Fries  - Feb 12, 2024 3

In 2024, Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be on the cusp of significant change, with the upcoming halving event expected to bolster its fundamentals and reduce selling pressure. This pivotal moment, combined...

Dr. Arnout ter Schure
Where Will Bitcoin Bottom? By Dr. Arnout ter Schure - Jan 23, 2024 14

In our last update on Bitcoin, where we presented a forecast for 2024, we found that based on historical evidence, “BTC moved late November/early December from the Early-Bull phase into its Mid-Bull...

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