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Cryptocurrency Opinion & Analysis

Naeem Aslam
Bitcoin and Gold Set to Suffer? By Naeem Aslam - Apr 24, 2023

Gold In the commodity market, gold has started to lose its mojo, and the main reason behind it is its strength is the dollar index. The commodity report by CompareBroker indicates that demand has...

Naeem Aslam
Cryptos: Are We Out of the Woods? By Naeem Aslam - Apr 14, 2023 1

On the cryptocurrency front, the majority of attention is being directed on Ethereum, which is the second biggest cryptocurrency as measured by market capitalization. The long-awaited upgrade was...

Tim Knight
Crypto Cracks Up By Tim Knight - Apr 11, 2023

After weeks of hanging around $28,000, Bitcoin ($BTC) finally broke free to the upside, conquering its Fibonacci resistance level. This is an impressive move. For crypto to really get cooking,...

Dr. Arnout ter Schure
Is Bitcoin Finally Breaking Out? By Dr. Arnout ter Schure - Apr 10, 2023 13

The Big Brother of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, rallied in 10 days from its March 10 low at $19597 to over $28K. However, it has been stuck in a trading range between essentially $27.5-28.5K. See...

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