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Jill Mislinski
Treasury Snapshot: 10-Year Yield At 2.19% By Jill Mislinski - Aug 20, 2017

Note: We've updated this commentary with data through Friday's market close. Let's take a closer look at recent activity in US Treasuries. The yield on the 10-year note ended Friday at 2.19% and the ...

Jill Mislinski
Treasury Yields: A Long-Term Perspective By Jill Mislinski - Aug 13, 2017

Let's have a look at a long-term perspective on Treasury yields as of today's close. The chart below shows the 10-Year Constant Maturity yield since 1962 along with the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) and ...

The Bond Market Bubble   By EconMatters - Aug 06, 2017

We discuss the topic of the Bond Market Bubble which came up this week as former Central Banker Alan Greenspan made multiple media appearances discussing the Bond Market being in a bubble, thus ...

James Picerno
Treasuries Diverge From Stocks — Again By James Picerno - Aug 04, 2017

The stock market is close to a record high, supported by the outlook for moderate US economic growth. Yet the bond market once again seems to be pricing in the prospects for a weaker economy. The ...

Marc Chandler
Update: Treasury Ultra-Long Bond By Marc Chandler - Aug 02, 2017

With healthcare reform sidelined, for the time being, the legislative emphasis has turned to tax reform. However, before tax reform, Congress must do two other things. The debt ceiling must be raised ...

John Mousseau
Midsummer Muni Musings By John Mousseau - Jul 31, 2017

As the summer doldrums roll on, we thought it was a good time to recap where the muni market has come since the Trump sell-off of last fall. A number of factors have helped the overall muni ...

Brian Gilmartin
10-Year Treasury Yield At Critical Level By Brian Gilmartin - Jul 31, 2017

Looking at the weekly chart of the TNX, the CBOE 10-year Treasury Yield Index, I'd say the 10-year Treasury yield is at a critical level. A trade much lower in yield toward 2% and it would appear the...

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