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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gary Tanashian
Gold Miners Are on Schedule By Gary Tanashian - May 26, 2023

The gold and silver Commitments of Traders indicated a potential for a coming decline in gold, silver and the gold miners. A correction, not the end of the bull phase by this sentiment measure. CoT...

Alex Boltyan
Gold Bounces off Critical Support Area By Alex Boltyan - May 26, 2023

Gold prices edged higher on Friday, bouncing from a two-month low struck the previous day amid optimism US lawmakers will reach a debt-ceiling agreement before the June 1 deadline. At the time of...

Phil Flynn
The Energy Report: One Dollar Per Headline By Phil Flynn - May 26, 2023

Give me a headline, and I’ll give you a dollar. The debt showdown negotiations dominated the oil market, and the perceived progress on the negotiations, or the lack thereof, caused oil to move as the...

Phil Flynn
The Energy Report: Default Mode By Phil Flynn - May 25, 2023 1

While oil and gas supplies plummet, petroleum prices have gone into default mode after Fitch Ratings placed the United States AAA credit rating on a watch. The debt ceiling talks debacle that have...

Daniela Hathorn
Europe's Next Energy Crisis?   By Daniela Hathorn - May 25, 2023 1

This week Fatih Birol, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said that Europe's energy market faces 3 key challenges this year.  So despite signs of improvement, is Europe’s...

Chris Kimble
Gold Faces Bigger Selloff if Support Fails By Chris Kimble - May 25, 2023 4

There’s so much uncertainty today that I think the markets are uncertain about being uncertain. I know gold is sure trading like it. With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s not surprising...

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