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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Pavan Parikh
Egg Prices: Easter Approaching By Pavan Parikh - Mar 17, 2023

Judging by the March 13th U.S. inflation report, retail eggs still show the most dramatic price movements, which is a big puzzle for many poultry farmers, consumers and economists. Since the bird's...

Naeem Aslam
Oil Stable, Gold Shines By Naeem Aslam - Mar 17, 2023

Oil Oil prices are stable today after suffering significant losses as investors worried about the financial crisis's spillover impact. We are still not out of the woods, and it would be incorrect to...

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Sell Commodities, Buy Gold   By Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - Mar 17, 2023 2

There is a commodity performance cycle. As a downturn begins, commodities weaken, and Gold begins to perform well in real terms. When central banks are forced to print and the government is forced to...

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
3 Gold Indicators to Watch Now By Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - Mar 16, 2023

Last week we wrote about the inevitable bullish fundamentals for gold. Recent events that followed our editorial signal that the inevitable is moving closer to imminent. Due to bank failures, a...

Phil Flynn
The Energy Report: De-Risk By Phil Flynn - Mar 15, 2023 2

Another day another bank failure. The banking crisis is causing a deleveraging by big banks, pulling back their exposure to oil and causing prices to fall harder than other risk assets. Credit Suisse...

Pavan Parikh
Fertilizers: Prices Lower Than One Year Ago By Pavan Parikh - Mar 15, 2023

On average, over 20% – or about $200 – of input costs to grow an acre of corn is expected to be spent on fertilizer in 2023. The cost is, however, down 3% from 2022, according to this projection. From...

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