Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Lance Roberts
The Headwinds To Higher Oil Prices By Lance Roberts - May 22, 2017

In late 2016, OPEC, along with the Russian’s and other countries, agreed to cut production in order to try and “balance” the supply/demand imbalance that drove oil prices to the low ...

Where Next For Oil Prices? By MetalMiner - May 22, 2017

It isn’t an idle question. Oil prices are a proxy for energy prices, and a rising oil price can be supportive for energy intensive metals like aluminum. A rising oil price is also taken as a ...

The Gold Report
Precious Metals Are On A Major Buy Signal By The Gold Report - May 22, 2017

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals market, noting a price bounce off positive divergence. I The gold sector is on a long-term buy signal. Long-term signals can...

Jason Sen
Gold: Held Quite Strong Resistance At 1264/65 By Jason Sen - May 22, 2017

Gold held quite strong resistance at 1264/65 last week. We recovered on Friday through minor resistance at 1251/52 for the next target of 1255/56 and could continue higher to 1258/59 before strong ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Gold Gains Anew Over Much Ado By Mark Mead Baillie - May 22, 2017

Or as Bill the Bard of Avon might have queried, "Much Ado About Nothing?" Is the StateSide executive branch covertly concealing a felonious act? Or are players in the congressional/media complex ...

Jeffrey Halley
Oil And Gold Looking Good In Asia Trading By Jeffrey Halley - May 22, 2017

Both oil and gold present constructive technical pictures mid-session in Asia following their Friday rallies. Crude oil soared over two percent on Friday as rumours swirled that OPEC’s working ...

Warren Bevan
The Metals Remain Solid By Warren Bevan - May 22, 2017

Stocks took a major hit, on heavy volume selling early in the week, that foretold more selling to come. It didn’t come. Instead, we ripped back higher. We’re not yet out of the weakness ...

Adam Hamilton
Gold Juniors’ Q1’17 Fundamentals By Adam Hamilton - May 22, 2017

The junior gold miners’ stocks suffered a serious thrashing between mid-April and early May. Relentless heavy selling blasted many back down near deep mid-December lows, leaving sentiment in ...

Patrick MontesDeOca
Gold Price Momentum: Bullish By Patrick MontesDeOca - May 21, 2017

The VC Price Momentum Indicator Gold and Silver Weekly Futures Swing Trading Instructions May 19, 2017 Signals are automatically generated by integrating electronic weekly statistics with ...