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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Stewart Thomson
Gold: The Rate Hike Rally Continues By Stewart Thomson - Jan 11, 2017

The last two bear markets in US stocks were deflation-oriented. The next one is likely to be inflation-themed, and could feature the US dollar and gold soaring higher at the same time. Chinese ...

The National Bank of Canada
FX Daily Update By The National Bank of Canada - Jan 10, 2017

Light on the horizon for Canada? Canadian entrepreneurs are feeling warmer about the business climate, saying now that they are more confident than in the fall that they will grow in their sales this...

David Solin
Near-Term Crude Oil Outlook   By David Solin - Jan 10, 2017

The Jan. 4 email affirmed the view of an important crude oil topping near that Jan. 3 high/rising trendline from June (ceiling of potential rising wedge, at $55.00/25). The market has indeed rolled ...

Mike Paulenoff
Crude Oil's Moment Of Near-Term Direction By Mike Paulenoff - Jan 10, 2017 2

The moment of truth for crude oil's near-term direction is nigh, as the price structure has broken beneath its Nov.-Jan. up trend line, now in the vicinity of $51.50. That trend line was violated ...

Satendra Singh
Natural Gas: Ride A Rally   By Satendra Singh - Jan 10, 2017

Whenever natural gas trades at lower levels after a big tumble, doubts start hovering all around about the reversal possibilities. Traders have lost confidence in creating a fresh buy position, even ...

Dan Flynn
Natural Gas Flashes 'Buy' Signal By Dan Flynn - Jan 10, 2017

The Energy markets broke as Goldman Sachs’ Commodity Index reduced their exposure in the Energy complex not seen in this millennium. As we prepare to bask in above-freezing temperatures until ...

Phil Flynn
Energy Exposure: Balance And Rebalance By Phil Flynn - Jan 10, 2017

Crude oil prices got greased on concerns about OPEC compliance and the rebalancing of the S&P GSCI index. Record December production by Iraq raised concerns that the country would not be able to ...

Jason Sen
Gold Very Overbought In Bear Trend By Jason Sen - Jan 10, 2017 5

Gold now very overbought in a bear trend as we retest of important resistance at 1180/82. Again, shorts need stops above the December high at 1187/88. An unexpected break higher this week however is ...

Jason Sen
WTI Crude: Important Support At 5205/5195 By Jason Sen - Jan 10, 2017

WTI crude has the most important support of the day 5205/5195. A break below 5175 therefore is a sell signal and targets support at 5130/25. A bounce from here is possible as we become oversold short...

The National Bank of Canada
Weekly Energy By The National Bank of Canada - Jan 10, 2017

The year that has just wrapped up was once again volatile for energy prices. In 2016, WTI and Brent oil prices rose 46% and 53% respectively. The increase for the two main refined products was even ...