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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

IFC Markets
Sugar Technicals: Watch For Surplus By IFC Markets - Feb 14, 2017

Global sugar surplus expected this season Participants of Dubai Sugar Conference expect sugar surplus in season 2017/2018, which started last October. Tropical Research Services Agency estimates it to...

David Solin
Oil Makes Final Pop To New High By David Solin - Feb 14, 2017

Near term crude oil outlook:No change as the market remains in that $55.25/$50.71 range that has been in place since January 3rd. Still seen as a large topping near the ceiling of the rising wedge ...

Martin Goersch
Wheat In Short-Term Up Trend By Martin Goersch - Feb 13, 2017 1

Although wheat is still clearly pointing downwards in the weekly chart, a healthy upward trend has presently formed in the daily chart. What continues to stand out in the weekly chart is the concluded...

Marc Chandler
What's Good For USD Is Bad For Gold By Marc Chandler - Feb 13, 2017 3

Monday's Dollar Index extended its advancing streak into its eighth consecutive session. It is at its best level since just before Trump's inauguration. It has retraced 38.2% of its decline from the ...

Chris Kimble
This Steel ETF Wants To Break Resistance By Chris Kimble - Feb 13, 2017

Below looks at Steel ETF (NYSE:SLX) over the past 10 years. As you can see, SLX is testing the underside of several resistance levels. Should SLX succeed in breaking above this resistance cluster at ...

Tim Knight
Next Big Test For Gold By Tim Knight - Feb 13, 2017 5

Since I did my “short gold” post for Slope Plus members on February 8 (which turned out to be the exact peak), I’ve been anxiously watching both the metal and its miners. So far, so ...

Nial Fuller
Gold Looks Bullish By Nial Fuller - Feb 13, 2017

Gold could test $1300.00 in the coming weeks. Recently, gold prices have found a nice bottom again at $1180 area. Notice price pushed above 1220.00 resistance last week, a level we mentioned in the ...