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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Guillaume Touzet
Gold Stuck In A Triangle By Guillaume Touzet - Feb 23, 2017

Gold's sideways move that started last week will soon have to decide where to break. The more it's getting closer from the vertex of the triangle,(one end of a triangle), the more powerful the ...

Jeffrey Halley
Copper Suffers Position Fatigue By Jeffrey Halley - Feb 23, 2017

Copper drops 1% in Asia trading as traders continue to book profits after a breathtaking run. Copper’s rise since the Trump victory has really been quite breathtaking. Up nearly 40% at one stage...

Jason Sen
WTI Crude: Minor Resistance At 5420/30 By Jason Sen - Feb 23, 2017

WTI crude April. First support at 5385/75 likely to be the strongest of the day but further losses test this week's low at 5345/35. Further losses test last week's low at 5312 but below 5300 risks a ...

Jenny Rebekka
Natural Gas Nears Double Bottom By Jenny Rebekka - Feb 22, 2017 1

The commodity natural gas has collapsed over the last few weeks. At the start of January 2017, natural gas was trading as high as $3.75. It now trades at $2.60. This is an insane drop of 30% in less ...

Dan Flynn
Solid Exports Firmed Up Corn Prices By Dan Flynn - Feb 22, 2017

Good Morning! Yesterdays continued positive exports helped the Corn market to settle higher on the day closing close to the highs. It was not a fantastic rally but it showed how the exports are ...

Gary Christenson
The Return Of Stagflation By Gary Christenson - Feb 22, 2017 1

Steve St. Angelo wrote an insightful article relating the silver to gold ratio to the S&P 500. I encourage you to read his articles and analysis. The Silver To Gold Ratio The following graph ...

Arkadiusz Sieron
Has The Fed Lost Its Influence On Gold? By Arkadiusz Sieron - Feb 22, 2017 1

In 2017, gold rallied despite the hawkish Fed and the bearish macroeconomic fundamentals. What does it mean for the relationship between the U.S. monetary policy and the gold market? After the Great ...