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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Arkadiusz Sieron
Trump’s Tax Plan And Gold By Arkadiusz Sieron - Apr 28, 2017

On Wednesday, the White House unveiled Trump’s tax reform plan. What does it mean for the gold market? Finally, the new administration has presented the long-awaited tax plan. The key elements ...

EWM Interactive
Price Of Palladium At A Critical Juncture By EWM Interactive - Apr 28, 2017

It has been a slow and choppy advance, but the price of palladium somehow managed to climb from as low as $450 in January, 2016, to $818 as of this writing. This means that an investment in palladium ...

Jeffrey Halley
Oil And Gold Slip Sideways Into Friday By Jeffrey Halley - Apr 28, 2017 1

Crude oil staged a dead cat bounce overnight after an initial sell-off, whilst gold flat-lined into Friday. Both Brent and WTI fell a dollar overnight to make new lows for the week but rebounded ...

Arkadiusz Sieron
Trump’s First 100 Days And Gold By Arkadiusz Sieron - Apr 28, 2017

Saturday will be the 100th day of Trump’s presidency. Were these days positive for the gold market? Well, that passed quickly. And the world has not collapsed, what a relief! But jokes aside, ...

Steve St. Angelo
Who Really Controls The Gold Price? By Steve St. Angelo - Apr 28, 2017

There’s this notion put forth by the majority in the precious metals community that the Fed and Central Banks control the market price of gold. I have even heard that some analysts believe the ...

Marc Chandler
Gasoline Leads Oil Lower By Marc Chandler - Apr 28, 2017

This Great Graphic, made on Bloomberg, shows the past six months of oil and gas prices. The white line is the June gasoline futures and the yellow line is the June light sweet crude oil futures ...

Dan Flynn
Natural Gas Data On Tap By Dan Flynn - Apr 27, 2017

Changes in NAFTA and Tax Code Coming The markets seem to be treading water and not able to sustain any type of rally even on bullish headlines. Today we have more earnings and reports starting at 7:30...

Martin Goersch
Coffee Future at the Support By Martin Goersch - Apr 27, 2017

The coffee futures saw its high in November of last year, precisely at the moment when the non-commercials, the large group of speculators, had reached their biggest historical long positioning in the...

Phil Flynn
Oil: Big Is Never Big Enough By Phil Flynn - Apr 27, 2017

The biggest, best, massive tax cut plan in all human history was not enough to shake the petroleum sector out of its bearish slumber. The petroleum sector has been dripping down slowly like a good old...

Tim Knight
Oil Is Still Down On Its Luck By Tim Knight - Apr 27, 2017

First off, wholly unrelated to this post, I’ve got to express amusement about the latest Trump flip-flop, which is the NAFTA switch. Yesterday, we were going to leave NAFTA. I wake up this ...