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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gregory W. Harmon
Gold’s Inflection Point By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 18, 2017 1

Gold had a great run higher off of a bottom in December 2015. It peaked 7 months later in July 2016 and over 30% higher. That period was followed by 3 months of consolidation before it turned back ...

Dan Flynn
Argentina Floods Hit Key Grain Areas By Dan Flynn - Jan 18, 2017

Good Morning! Hard rains over the weekend flooded Argentina’s key soybean growing areas and more rains are forecasted on Friday. This propelled the Grain complex in yesterday’s trading ...

Phil Flynn
Oil: Giving Up Gains By Phil Flynn - Jan 18, 2017

Crude oil prices gave up gains after hitting a three-week high only to succumb to worries about rising shale output and stability in the dollar. Oil retreated as the Energy Information Administration ...

Gary Savage
Gold Hits 38% Fib By Gary Savage - Jan 18, 2017 5

Gold has tagged the 38% Fibonacci retracement of the previous intermediate cycle. This is the most likely spot for gold to drop into a half-cycle low if it’s going to produce one. Dips are ...

Tomasz Wiśniewski
Petrobras Sends Oil Lower By Tomasz Wiśniewski - Jan 18, 2017 1

News from Brazil does not influence oil prices too often, but this time is different as it is connected to the well known OPEC agreement. Yesterday, we found out that Brazil will not commit to the cut...

Steve St. Angelo
Big Movement Lies Ahead For Silver By Steve St. Angelo - Jan 18, 2017

The silver market will experience a significant trend change in the future due the unraveling of the paper markets. Already we are witnessing a lot of political turmoil and havoc as President-elect ...

Matthew Weller
2 Sides Of The Gold And Gold Miner Trade By Matthew Weller - Jan 18, 2017

An individual's views on gold's investment merits are often as deeply entrenched as their political or religious affiliations. Curiously, there's not the same conversational taboo about discussing ...

Steven Knight
Is Silver About To Move Lower? By Steven Knight - Jan 18, 2017

Key Points: Markets are pricing in a 15% chance of a hike. Jawboning likely following the decision. Fed likely to hold rates steady at 0.50% Silver has had a relatively strong few weeks with the ...

Phil Flynn
Commodity Crazy By Phil Flynn - Jan 17, 2017

Donald Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, warns of a strong dollar and the dollar drops as hot inflation data in the UK has commodities going crazy. Big bullish swings...