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Do the market can be ubreasonable longer than trader can by solvent
always the case
I remember people laughing that 4500 and 5000 is impossible. So you see now that it's becoming real
very real
4500 - 5000 coming soon...
Vanguard black rock or state street …. Wallet comoditieies in nestle start sells after today
Where did you read that?
To the next year is the crash no this year
absolutely no resistance
shorted some now
nope, its still in killer mode xD
Lmao lmao lmao ……
All in all, you're just another brick in the wall..
4320 coming
Lmao 4250 o yes …. 4270 lmao ….. europe politics crashed prices
The question is why latam and usa prices too expensives if brasil and volombia produce much more that before year
at this moment, I start to HATE chocolate... trying to get another source of sweet type of food
wow its crazy
Flush it come on!!
so I expect this model. Impact and strong resistance.
I'm a patient investor, but this is really endless. Cocoa has been trading in a strong uptrend since September 2022🙈
will reverse sooner ! 3500 will be the new bottom, my guess
It's green 8th consecutive week - I guess it never happened before. And I don't find any explanation for this rally. Minor changes in supply do not explain it...
Trend will reverse soon!
Lmao 4250 no down no bearish
enjoy this gift for xmas
finally someone showed up with a target of 2,6K price seems reasonable on current circumstances
Jan my friend, please dont talk here ok? everytime u speak everyone get fkd , do you understand that?
price action is all you should care about, in this particular example fundamentals support as well, question is how much is too much in current supply/demand real thing
which fundamentals justify the 1 year hike of 80% in price?
finally someone showed up with a target of 4,6K price seems reasonable on current circumstances
4600 will never touch cacao. Definitely not this year. It's too late for that, don't forget that the harvest is twice a year.
Quando è?
Each month growth 11% …..
4600 next month or recesion to 3800 usd ?
max 4250 , no much more!
Recession to 3800? Buddy, we were there not even a month ago.
Drop will be spectacular , when who knows buy it will , possible most retailers be broken already
hackett did long ago and exoects much higher
it was a pleasure guys, see you on the bottom