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Gordon Long
A Broken Bond Bounce Beckons By Gordon Long - Dec 25, 2016

Historical Correlations Give Us A Clue To What May Be Ahead A Falling Global Market Cap Trend Channel The old adage that the "Trend is Your Friend" has proven to be the one that separates the ...

Doug Short
Treasury Snapshot: Yields Continue Rise By Doug Short - Dec 18, 2016

Let's take a closer look at US Treasuries in recent weeks. The yield on the 10-Year note ended Friday at 2.60% and the 30-Year bond closed at 3.19%. Here is a table showing the yields highs and lows ...

Urban Carmel
Here's What The Rate Hike Means For Bonds By Urban Carmel - Dec 14, 2016

Summary: Bond yields usually rise as the FOMC raises rates. This is one of the mostly strongly held consensus views in the market right now. A year ago, investors also thought yields were set to rise;...

Gundlach's Dire Bond Outlook By ValueWalk - Dec 14, 2016

Jeffrey Gundlach predicts trouble for the equity, corporate and junk-bond markets if the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond goes above 3% in 2017. Even the housing market would suffer. Gundlach is the...

Marc Chandler
Brother, Can You Paradigm? By Marc Chandler - Dec 13, 2016

The Bank of International Settlement asks in its quarterly report if there has been "a paradigm shift in the markets?" Although it does not provide an explicit answer, it does argue that there has ...

Jay Kaeppel
Trading The Long Bond's Looming Bounce By Jay Kaeppel - Dec 12, 2016

Disclaimer/Caveat/Warning: The idea I am going to discuss here is definitely not for everyone. As traders and investors we are told time and again that it is “foolish” to attempt to ...

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