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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Mike (Mish) Shedlock
BoJ Corners 33% Of Bond Market By Mike (Mish) Shedlock - Apr 22, 2016

All Japanese bonds have a yield under 0.3% as of April 19. Yield on the 40-year bond fell to a record low 0.29%. Yield on the 30-year bond hit a record low 0.285% Japan’s two-year bond yield hit...

Chris Kimble
Junk Is Trying To Breakout By Chris Kimble - Apr 14, 2016

While junk bonds haven't had much to brag about over the past few years, that trend is doing its best to change. Junk bonds are often viewed as leading indicators for the future direction of the ...

Batur Asmazoglu
U.S. Treasury And Inflation Update By Batur Asmazoglu - Apr 12, 2016

Nominal Treasury yields ended very close to unchanged across the curve Monday, after a modest curve-steepening morning selloff was reversed by midday, and then yields settled into very narrow ranges ...

Brian Twomey
Sonia And UK Yield Curve By Brian Twomey - Apr 10, 2016

From Sonia 7.000 highs in 1997, February 2009 experienced a first ever break of 1.000 to current price at 0.4665. The turning point in the UK was February 2009, as Sonia traded further first ever lows...

David Solin
US 10-Year Yield, Target Below 1.53% Remains By David Solin - Mar 31, 2016

Near Term US 10-Year Note Yield Outlook The Mar. 23 email, again affirmed the view of a top at the Mar. 16 high at 2.00%, and with declines back to the Feb. 11 low at 1.53% (and even below, though ...

Trader Moe
Potential Melt-Up On TED Spread By Trader Moe - Mar 30, 2016

Potential Price Channel Melt-Up Set-Up on the TED Spread The TED spread has a potential price channel melt-up set-up on the chart. After confirming a price channel with a period of coiling, the TED ...