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Gregory W. Harmon
Triple Threat In Treasuries By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 11, 2017

US Treasuries are facing a triple threat from market technicals. Rising off of the July 2015 low, TLT completed a 3-Drives pattern in July 2016. The following reversal retraced 88.6% of the pattern ...

Marc Chandler
Real U.S. Rates Are Elevated By Marc Chandler - Jan 10, 2017

The US 10-year yield fell briefly below 1.32% last July. The yield slowly rose to reach 1.80% in mid October. The day after the election, the yield initially slipped to almost 1.71%. This was a bit ...

Al Brooks
Bond Market Top For The Next 20 Years By Al Brooks - Jan 01, 2017

I began trading in 1987. At the time, I noticed that the bond market was falling. I was confused because the stock market was rallying while the bond market was creating a great, low risk alternative ...

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