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Tesla 250 cross this week but book profits!
For context, I believe the market needs a correction before narching to all time high. I believe media is pushing the soft landing narrative in the background and a Christmas rally in the forefront. Whether we get a substantial rally or not, I believe that distribution is happening at this level and whatever level we hit through the next 5 weeks. I am on sidelines with cash in money market waiting to buy after we get a correction, probably in next 6 months. Small caps are more telling of interest rate effects and recession probabilities. Many solid companies, like INTT, are suppresed. Gamblers on both long and short sides will make money, but market seems to be in a bear market rally that is topping out. I see TSLA at 170 before 300. Long term bullish on Tesla, but macro environment very shaky at the moment.
Bears are correct about being red but its their gapers after being penetrated, friends
chatbotz here are influencing no one. Such a waste of resources.
This should be a sell the news event on Thursday or Friday . Nothing new here other than typical Wall Street Pump and dump. Musk already poured cold water on this when he said during the earnings call that Cyber truck will squeeze margins and won't be cash flow positive on the vehicle for a while. By then whatever hype Wall Street and sell side analysts are pushing will subside.
Lossssseeeerrr lolol
So many catalysts to go ATHs. No competition, cybertruck, new m3 sales, china price increases, model y is the best seller, FSD, india, 2nd factory in china... so many road to 5T in couple years
That is a lot when u are becoming super positive!
Covered short at 245.4 almost at cost.
shorts 🩳 exit now
Back from kiss 250 this weekend!
short squeeze gon' get ugly now
Shorts about to get paid. Near term top 252 or less best guess. GDP will be next catalyst. Recession is the name of the game. Rates staying higher hurts Tesla, but recession can push this to $170.
Short hedge funds are allowing it to rise. Retail bulls are buying leap calls that funds are selling them before the avalanche. More like strategic than smart.
Dont go short until 262.
262-265. Back to 235 then who tf knows
Took a short for a EOD pullback as this looks a bit overextended, 1% or so from here would be cool.
How much do you think Tesla will go up?
$255 tomorrow Thursday $275
260 to 265
My favorite car is Polestar 4 ✨ Much better than Tesla.
It’s a POS just like you lolol
That's the kind of Tesla I like! All the way up!
Save your money and sell TSLA! The cybertruck looks cheap, like it was made by DeLorean, and nobody really wants EV’s in a country that had a hard time keeping its electrical grid up BEFORE EV’s came on the scene.
You have me convinced!! Convinced that you’re d^u^m^b lolol
Reject Fubar Kumar why are you so quiet little boy? Cybertruck Thursday gonna woop your b*u*t*t lolol
Competition is falling one by one. This decade is TESLAs
only competition is china
best chance ever for shorts to go all-in now
Tgirls hard penetrating the bears new holes created from the 12 gauge buckshot it seem
where are all the bears? Tesla is going to $700 soon. Try shorting that
the target is 480 in 1 year
that sounds reasonable. we can't expect this to be at 700 for 2 years, and that's assuming fsd full rollout.
everyone ready for Cyber Thursday?
All shorter trap
Bears have no money and shame again, friends