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The cult members have forgotten that we are in a deep downtrend obviously lol
Low lQ bears are always talking trash about things they cannot afford, friends
Brainwashed cult members
SmuckNorris69 You’re d*u*m*b :)
You mean ; Will test 325 this week right?
Will test 225 this week
it could also just as easily test 245 or higher
Come on tesla up up
Tesla rocks within hour!
Buy leval for hold 10 day
Today 240 kiss
GM took a huge government bailout, Chrysler took a huge government bailout, EV subsidies are small compared to fossil fuels subsidies. People forget.
Invest in Tesla stock suggest to application to usa market
I bought TSLA at 119 . I am a long term investor. I believe that TSLA will remain and grow way beyond expectation. TSLA will soon become the most sought off stock..so I continue to buy when there is a dip of 5-6 USD..
Archer 🚀
Archer Aviation 🤑
add puts. bulls money about to get cleaned
The list: Record Q4, cybertruck, record new M3 sales in EU and China, China price increases, upcoming 7.5K instant credit, FSD and its licencing, india entry... you must be LONG. ATHs arr coming!
Elon Musk and other managers knew the automaker's vehicles had a defective Autopilot system but still allowed the cars to be driven unsafely, according to a ruling.Judge Reid Scott, in the Circuit Court for Palm Beach County, ruled last week that the plaintiff in a lawsuit over a fatal crash could proceed to trial and bring punitive damages claims against Tesla for intentional misconduct and gross negligence.
Here.. i have more straws for you. Hold it.
So customer's lives are a joke to you "fox"?
target 250 today
Here it can be seen that your numbers are completely random and you know nothing
we hop good day for all
Tsla Nov 275 Ithink
Tesla next tgt 240 to 250
Tesla will smoke a lot of short and haters in coming weeks / months.
Reject Fubar Kumat gets so triggered easily lolol