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bulls, there is a topic of making money - in gas they shorted from 4.0 and shorted a lot, we need to run back to 4.0. .... from 2,6
in gas
Archer Aviation 🤑
Ready for take off 🚀
Diamond 🔥
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Punch more crying bears for entertainment it seem, friends
Archer Aviation 🤑
last chance to exit this for
nu bulls.left
You look like a dude Capresian Gent lolol
Yes man, you're clearly the only one.
40% correction be ready. 15% coming today only 🔥
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400 + after earnings in January last chace to get it
TSLA is expected to fall to the $190 level.
Dream on Aerosmith 🎶🌚🚀
he just bla bla bla, but can't justify!
better chance of 290 with excellent Q4 numbers coming
It's seems to me that's going to around $ 200 because it's been testing this actual level, 4 months? But as we know it's not exact science, it's just speculation. I'm willing to put a $2000 buy. Good look!
Bernstein again bla bla bla.....
and like last time, not long time ago, it didn't helped them! 🙂
SMA's. 20 day crossed above the 50 day.
erratic owner / underwhelming product
Low lQ bears crying is annoying but entertaining me again, friends
Archer Aviation 🤑
Ready for take off 🚀
Buy at dip
exit last chance babes
shorts 🩳 will get shredded by Q4 numbers
Sell $TSLA, buy $NOKIA. Then thank me later.
wow look at that dump... who called it yesterday??? bulls getting ran over 🤑
buy and hold has been solid multi-year strategy.. traders get trampled investors get rewarded
After heavy move in the market, Tesla is not moving at all w. r . t market. My view for Tesla for the next 90 days is 167 with high point of 258
Buy the top, lower highs and lower lows ahead of you