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Anyone can explain why yesterday the stock dropped 4%?
Yes , because DXY strong
Best 🚗 car
Tsla is acar
2 of Oct the day that will be remembered as the biggest tsla shars drop !!
It will go up if it goes down. If it goes down then it will go up.
I think this week up
The bad news is about to come !!! Some one sold today because of onside information
Latest numbers show that musk is getting slaughtered in China. price cuts and huge competition
If you are selling, you are played. 300 in 8 weeks. MARK IT.
Fox i think with the new technolgy top secret tsla going to 830 in Oct
some one know somthing very bad about tsla and sold today !!!
Hi, low.
22-29 it will be between $238 or $228
He said at investor day that it was going to be a rough year. He said not to be in margin. By the dips. Don’t go heavy. This could easily go back to $100.
Time to buy soon
To buy more puts?
repeat after me : fook you Elon
Fook you Elon
It will close around 280 dont forget the new technology
Comin back to real value 220
280🚀410$ 219😟📉100$
Support at 215
fook you Elon
Call writers (MM) don't want to pay on the weekly 245's.
One last shot 🚀
fook you Elon
Bears ignorance and confidence is entertaining me once again, friends
sounding like ignorance makes money, sorry your confidence is on the wrong side of the trade. 25$ straight down after it lost 270 level 🤡
dead crose has occurred again, going down to 230
You mentioned following your instructions, but your instructions keep changing. I understand the market changes so you change your perspective, but I will argue that you are overconfident, and now your instructions include everything, so it’s almost impossible to be wrong.
don't get me wrong. the dead crose will happen in less than two hours
seriously Victor stop
this is garbage , fook Elon Musk
You are the one that went against Jessus!!!
bulls mentality = just keep holding it can't go much lower 🤡
we have more 50mn.. Elon will lots of tsla shars