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Government cancelling contracts for resources needed for clean energy transformation? Confused…
living near, fake news about permits is what it is.
what is this company, is it worth buynng?
located in MN, they just overcame a HUGE hurdle on their way to final approval of copper nickel mining
Above the Ichimoku 1 HR Green Cloud!
Three Outside Up 1H Current IndicationBullish reversalReliabilityHighDescriptionThis pattern is a more reliable addition to the standard Engulfing pattern. A bullish Engulfing pattern occurs in the first two candles. The third candlestick is confirmation of the bullish trend reversal.
Bullish Engulfing 1 hr
Candlesticks BULLISH  Haromi Cross 1 H Bullish Harami Cross Harami Bullish 30 Bullish Stick Sandwich 15 Bullish
Go for this one
Issued and outstanding common shares reduced to ~100.7M shares from 1.01B shares post the stock split last month!
Do you have any good news about the next earning ?
The upside on this is huge! Supreme court date Oct. 22. After a 1-10 split of  stock that has hardly ever been below $2. (lets see $2x10=$20) . So its deeply discounted right now) The long weekend kept this stock down...) Check it Tuesday September 8th 2020. I am sure they win this appeal...Minnesota needs the jobs! I mainly stare at mining stocks...the upside is huge1
ADD STOCK PLM to your Monday Sept. 7 2020 list!
Hi. Just bought 3 shares.
I lost almost 5k on friday
Target Price $15 https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/plm/analystestimates Marketwatch Analyst
Court finds that PolyMet’s water permit issued with proper procedures! https://polymetmining.com/investors/news/court-finds-that-polymets-water-permit-issued-with-proper-procedures/
they got approval from court for mining nickel
How is this possible? Who is trading this stock at such high volumes?
what happened
R/S 1 for 10
any news on this
Target $1.5
not even in the next 3 years
 not anymore.
any news???
Contract with tesla
PolyMet Mining Corp. (PLM Stock Report) was on the list of penny stocks to watch on Tuesday. If you’re looking at the stock making moves right now and wondering why, then you won’t likely find much by going to its headlines. The last announcement that came was regarding the departure of of Brad Moore, its Executive VP. So what happened to trigger a jump for PLM stock this week?Well, you need to look at what the company does and “who it knows”. PolyMet is a mine development company that owns 100% of Poly Met Mining, Inc. that controls 100% of the NorthMet copper-nickel-precious metals ore body through a long-term lease. Now, since we have a base, who does PolyMet “know”? Ever hear of a company called Glencore? It’s one of the world’s leading mining companies, and owns roughly 72% of PolyMet’s issued shares.This is significant this week because of one company, Tesla. As mentioned above, Tesla has done things that have become a trickledown effect for certain stocks. S: pennystock.com
great! thanks a lot! target price for you?
All the way up !
Up up
.75-.92 by weeks end.
wishful thinking
They are working with tesla this will go up
not much volume...????
 I meant in the Canadian side
 Oh Okay. Do you think it will go further?
 i really don`t know, people are shorting with this stock, so its hard to say