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Sad! how much longer can this CEO and Senior leadership continue to drive this company in the ground. . need to be replaced.
That stock facing short Selling so that it always go down
This week baggies on margin call,peeps dumping to get tax loss credit along with the institutions.52 week low friday avalanche forming with countless lawsuits . Short dream this week. Futures ticking down gold shooting up. Perfect storm forming
the CEO is a criminal, he destroys the company, The founder keeps losing a lot of money and a lot of thanks to him.👍
the CEO has to step down, he lead Pfizer all the way to the dark side.I am going to short Pfizer to zero (0.000000)
You will get good returns right away good hob coming tothe light. Evilcompany
Poopy mcturdsack stock!
Texas sues Pfizer. I hope they get $billions.
NCB bank give me December 5 so I can start doing my. Business
"I am horrified by the dishonesty we uncovered in this investigation," Paxton, a Republican, said in a statement. The lawsuit accuses the companies of defrauding the state's Medicaid program, and seeks unspecified money damages from the companies.
Thats just the tip of the penis
This reminds me of Hitler and the Nazis dr Mengele and his aick medical experiments Nuremberg is coming to phizer
hi 🇵🇰🌹♥️
This reminds me of Meta. Nobody wanted META last year at 88$ and they love it now at 330$. Everyone will live Pfizer next year at 60 with the flu+covid vaccine, weight loss and all the other great pipeline they have
Lawsuits deathjab side effects lieoabout trials 15$ before we se35$
your expectations are so Negative 😒
I'm starting a position. Despite the losses, it seems an opportunity at these prices.
Why are you confident of this stok? 🤔
Hold on to your hats. The lawsuits resulting in huge compensations are starting to pour on.
You are fake news
the pitebtual lawsuits are usually insurance covered.
meant to say potencial lawsuits, sorry
Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.
I agree
That stock will collapse till it becomes a penny stock, our Money is lost at this trash
My hands are so sore from milking this short cash cow. Jump in plenty of cows to milk
Lool i couldnt believe it before but now hell yea .. i lost too much
Sorry to hear that short these guys get em back moderna as well. Good stock to go up check out pltr should be around 25 by spring AI has alot of govermant contracts rising fast
The stock is collapsing
The deceitful company will go under due to injury compensations.
Eveyday It makes a new bottom.. Till it reached its price 23 years ago... So bad stock
Everyday it proofs that it was a bad choice stock.. Regreted that i invested in it
My cost 36 $ and very big voulme
Im sorry for you guys im up over a thousend percent shorting options on this pig. Just change sides there is still time its going to 17$
If your looking for a stock to go up buy pltr next earnings 23$ buy in about 16$ this is your next ratheon of ai
BAgholders going down with the ship as the band plays on! Commendable in som e respects lol
Give it a few days , its a trap they are keeping it up before they run it down and take all your money . Headfake
Huge losses incoming, lawsuits are starting to rain in. Many goverments around the world are likely preparing their lawsuits and soon nobody wants to be the last one as this corpse will be eaten alive with astronomical amount of compensations
misses earnings and revenue