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Tanking again and again beautiful!
This stock is Collapsing
Just wait for earnings then it will ve to late to get out! Proud bagholder
sad company with zero leadership and zero vision.
dump this trash
Can anyone provide a good vision for this stock plz.
30 $ soon
Just believe what you see. I bought calls on last friday, they are almost total loss now.
If you get your bews from the mainstream then your bound to ve a victim , you just wont get it . Been shorting since 52$ havent let up once its going to 20s! This company is run by satan!
Poopiest stock that ever circled the toilet
change at CEO is very much needed
wtf Pfizer stock? CEO should retire and get down his salary!
Nobody with common sense will be getting another death jabbed. You have to be crazy to put that poisen in your viens
Hooked on Phonics is a great tool.
Read as FDA approval
Pfizer gets approval from NDA For 2023 -2024
30-31$ buy area
Im thinking more like17$
South Africa has apparently published the contract with Pfizer that all our governments are trying so desperately to hide from us. It says in black and white under Chapter 5.5 Other contracts were also published after the court order:
5.5:Effectiveness = UNKNOWN--- Adverse Events = UNKNOWN --- Long-term side effects = UNKNOWN
They are gonna go bankrupt
Clot shot history. NVAX doesn't have that but a different adjuvant they do have.
The new COVID-19 virus is making a comeback again, with a large number of U.S. residents infected in the past two weeks. Pfizer can't do anything more 😭
Gotta hurry out and get my ERIS strain clot shot lol😵‍💫😭😜
This week will ve the fast drop towards the twnties folks , circling the toilet getn rwady for the drop short like crazy yup!
Clot shots.
New 52 week low, lost support but options chaim is bullish
As of when
My $35.5 calls expired worthless on friday, so doesn't matter anymore.
Sorry for that sucks ! I have been shorting since 52 and have bever killed it like i have with this stock me thinks it goes lower . Clot shot is coming to the news soon
the company and its directors should be on trial for crimes against humanity
Why anyone would hold this stock amazes me. So bad on so many levels
Dead realatives on thier hands!
clot shots. plandemic. never forget.
Circiling the toilet ready to go under 35
40-45 in a year
40-45 years in prison for a false death jab!