Netflix Inc (NFLX)

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  • Volume:
  • Day's Range:
    237.56 - 244.24
  • 52 wk Range:
    162.71 - 700.99

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  • At $490 Netflix is only trading at 10 times sales. Thats it. Thats a steal of a price
    • Ended witt quarter with 7 billion in cash
    • Crazy...112 PE ratio is 1929 crash style over-valuation. I think i will go cancel mine tonight with the left-leaning line up they keep publishing.
    • Yeah.  According this site NFLX: * book Value/share=19$. * When it goes completely wrong tangible book value/share=-38$ (below zero). They have nothing except a couple of servers. 490$, nah it isn't over valued...right? PS: the value of something is as much the buyer is willing to pay for (e.g. here, during weekly market hours you buy fruit at X$, when market is closed you can buy leftovers at X/2$ - same fruit - but no market makers :-) ).