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sell netflix buy paramount Warner bros and Disney. they historically have made great movies and now you can download them. should charge per movie rather than subscription
A lot of woke garbage productions on Netflix ...
I own NFLX but my portfolio isn't chilling lately, that's for sure.
The Bigest Bouble!!!
Is ithi conpany closed down
Ha ha what a falll
aaj iska naam out
What happened? Why it's falling?
We don’t know too
I am investigating what happened either...
Ceo at b of A conference. Nnot positive remarks
This pig is going to get slaughtered soon
first target 442.00if sustained above next target 483.00 must sale here
netflix has dividend actually?
so long if today 430.15 hitting, I'm happy 💸
Downgrade sell rating...
Enjoying the comments
Not an expert trader but i think the mangment made some bad decision
320 coming, some countries are banning the sharing of Netflix passwords.. now its single user.. subscription will reduce drastically worldwide..
I'm buying this dip with target of 1000 by Christmas
enjoy 250 by christmas. no gifts for your family
No harm dreaming..
Insanity is over. It’s going to the abyss.
bed dicision by netflix by password sharing stock more downside
lower high lower low
380 minimum today 🔥🔥🔥
look at all the analysts coming to the defense of Netflix and raising their price targets. happens pretty much every time. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet but I'm definitely inclined to buy puts within the first 10-15 minutes of the open. I would like to see the stock open up and get to about 460 and then I'll buy the 450 weekly put.
how many of you people here use Kodi?
im cought with my call ....