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would love to short 500
Any chance of seeing 400 again in the next 3 weeks?
just wait, i think we come under 400 soon
if recession will start soon even 300-340 possible
Why such a sudden move after hours? Anyone knows anything? My puts are happyyyyy
Most likely ETF distribution and some forced selling to meet redemptions. These favorites and outperformers are usually the last to weaken.
I am very surprised on the Current share price for Netflex
so sell it
Yep I am shorting it now, its expensive at this price. Shorted alphabet before earning today and I have done well. What's your opinion on Facebook earning results tomorrow?
NFLX $407.36 +1.60% @ 03:11 PM ET
380 before 420
wait for 415 and short
good call bro
Tesla down, Netflix up big... Which of course makes sense because Tesla makes amazing cars that drive themselves and Netflix makes woke propaganda
the content is trash
prepare for correction today. careful with longs
ao apparently another monster pump tomorrow according to most people ☠️🤦‍♂️ pigs always get paid tho so prob true
Euphoric meme blow off top
tech Mahindra Indian tech company looks good
Sell it immediately and totally when fireworks explode in the sky.
good fake, down to 350
When the profits start to be taken, it will be a downward spiral. At least 370.
Are you sane, my dear friends? :) This is Netflix, in the end. Also obviously falling markets.
let me guess gap won't fill until 4 months out or something like that 😂☠️
Raising prices as Student debt repayments began this month. Amazon has Thursday night NFL games.
sold my calls now. might still go a bit up but was happy with the profit
NFLX earnings were not a blowout and this ~17% move afterwards is ludicrous. Use this opportunity to sell or even possibly short this temporary euphoria.
easy shorrtttttt🔥🔥🔥
maybe bit risky
bears got crushed
Wow 400 dollars unbelievable. Who will buy it on these prices. Crazy move up!
over done here.