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It will come to 105-110 again before shoot up to 150
$200 by the end 2023...💰💰💰
How's the deep state censored results front company doing today.
With all that power its a miracle they didn't censor your dumb comment.
US 5th circuit just ruled Brandon and his deep state alphabet cohorts violated people's first amendment rights with social media censorship. I've got a law suit in hand adding up the companies who do.
2T valuation is coming
is it will gonna go down
2T valuation is coming
$137 this week is coming!
150 coming
Will it reach $140?
Google - like all tech - is pulling into all time highs. they've always been ahead of MSFT in AI, they'll continue to accelerate going into year end. funds were buying in when GOOG took that hit from 120, down into 80's. the market abuses retail.
A good chance to reach $137 this week as a temporary high!
140 by 9/1
Thank God I was wrong about Google. But Amazon is down after hours and the overall market might be in the red tomorrow. 🤔
200 tomorrow.
GOOGL $122.21 +0.56% @ Close! (Earnings)
Wont hold this gap earnings are not that impressive
but its not ath so the illogic of the buyers buy
what is earning time
Already out
Have a very bad feeling for tomorrow. Google might be sliding down in a few more minutes. The Fed might cause the Market to reverse. Maybe it's a good time to take some profits off the table.
Have a very bad feeling this will drop to $115 tonight after earning.
They will beat strong, up only. Quite cheap for the moment
Google's earnings might give an excuse for the Market to drop on Wednesday like last week after earning came out for Tesla and Netflix.
Don't buy until it reports earnings on 7/25. For the past 3 quarters Google had went down after earning. Wait until it goes back down again before entering the trade. My prediction Google will go down to $110 again.
150 is in the books
150 in 5 months
Maybe $135 in five months. The Nasdaq will retrace back to the high 12k. This means all FAANG stocks will come back down.
Ericel capital
Archer Aviation 💰
buy back not reflected. 130 soon
102 coming soon
118.33 $ before after that going to 130
131 is comming this week