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Why is this getting destroyed today?
Terrible stock
I like the way I earn on my net income @82% bullish
A helicopter view of the googl A prices for the past and the future that may reach. If it can pass 136,5, 150,97 will be the nex target.
70-80 range can be seen in this counter
150 by Mid December
yep before going back where cheap money grows.
New highs on way
this is done because search is done, no ai. I don't see this getting up.
yep. true. this company is solid as rock but valuation is overblown. sky is the limit? not any more
The information gathered by these search engines is what teaches A.I. A.I. needs information from Google to learn. It is one of the big reasons Google was started was for A.I. All those years ago, they were looking into the future of A.I. and what would be needed.
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 125/61.80%
151 in this year 2023
105 or 110 final call 110%
I think you overdid it. The indexes need to drop another 10% for that to happen
It will happen
I think it will go down to 99$ to 100 or may be $86
It might be a little risky.
U guys alright? Want me to call someone?
Ghostbusters? Aka AWS & Azure.
Jim Cramer?
Forward PE 20. If you can find a better company to grow 11% and have this quality balance sheet with 19 PE, let me know
Lol alibaba had an earnings DECLINE and it not even having real shares in the US market. You trade some Barbados issued paper in correspondance to a Hong Kong entity.
Alibaba net profit margin is 9%, META is 20%, alibaba has operating margin 40%, META has 80%. Alibaba had declining net profit since 2021, META had a 22% growth. Alibaba is a JOKE comparing it to META
Plenty other great companies to invest in. Google losing market share all around. Current fair value is around $75.
Okay, 11% yoy growth, better margins, 22% cloud growth 8.5 instead of 8.7 billion. No serious person sells here
yes this will rise. but it is like this often sell the news soon it will be up again
fair value...60 bucks
unreal, just because cloud solutions are losing to competitors, it does not mean complete destruction. buy the dip and be a good shareholder
It will go down below 100 where it belongs
Over hammered ..again reach 140 within no time
today close below 110.
126 is a buy for a trade
buy. it will close above 128 today
yesterday 1 millon qty sell googl .
sell on rise for 30,20 then 00
India ceo is terrible...
Too much selling. Buy the dip to 126
I hope it goes down to 90