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Yes, the $120 level is coming and it’s time to drop.
it won a biggest loser bond. leave it for 3Q 2024.
good catch 😂
This reaction because the market is going to crash. Traders will find every little reason to sell.
ridiculous this bear on GOOG
fire India ceo!!!
today we can see minimum of 15% fall be ready 120 mark is coming 🔥🔥
Why you could predict that well the fall? What are you seing? Please share! I don't have any position but would like to buy and I kind of regreted when I missed the $90
Never look at up or down unrealistic reactions after earnings. Look at the financial trends of the business sectors, and GOOG is one of the best. Very robust, stable, with huge growth potential.
Not so fast there Dan Marino. Cloud is falling further and furhter behind and Amzn and Meta taking advertising market share.
Cloud has increased by 23%. I wont call this “falling” but missed estimates by less than 3%. Amazon is a challange which has now 7% vs 28% of advertising market share for goog, but dont forget that Amzn pe is 101 vs 29 for goog !!!
It beat on all number except cloud and that was because they are investing there like they should. This should be up or very least flat not down over 6 percent.
just people in panic mode, long term it will go up
They are falling further behind on cloud and amzn is stealing ad market share.
another opportunity to buy more on the drop
Poor! Rotate out of goog into msft and amzn.
$120 today
If it is that is insane. Buy baby buy
game on
$146 after market.
I believe Google fall back to $119 per share after the earnings. watch & learn.
huh? with YouTube they can never touch those levels
Below 138 very Bearish.
Do you think that Google presents a good esrnings report again?
Buy on dip.
US 5th circuit just ruled Bidet and social media violated people's first amendment rights. Bye Bye Depo state Google toolnand Meta data Fascist book control. Freedom won.
GOOG cannot go high because the government continues to control it. what a joke! Apple, Amazon & Microsoft all keep going high.....
Technically will play 150 for few months for major double top. Noone knows but very strong basically one of the leaders of QQQ G7. Options in lower liquidity help
Short sellers are so scared of AI that close positions at any price when mentioned. Good luck.
AI is great. Will create so much value and costs nothing. 99 percent of idid-ots do not even understand what it means and actual implementation. GOOG you saved your monthly opex tomorrow. Good job.