Alphabet Inc Class C (GOOG)

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Buy on dip.
US 5th circuit just ruled Bidet and social media violated people's first amendment rights. Bye Bye Depo state Google toolnand Meta data Fascist book control. Freedom won.
GOOG cannot go high because the government continues to control it. what a joke! Apple, Amazon & Microsoft all keep going high.....
Technically will play 150 for few months for major double top. Noone knows but very strong basically one of the leaders of QQQ G7. Options in lower liquidity help
Short sellers are so scared of AI that close positions at any price when mentioned. Good luck.
AI is great. Will create so much value and costs nothing. 99 percent of idid-ots do not even understand what it means and actual implementation. GOOG you saved your monthly opex tomorrow. Good job.
looks more correction in
-15% today
Thank God I was wrong on Google. Sometime thinking it will go down might actually go up. But I feel the Market might go down soon. Maybe after the announcement from the Fed on rate hike. Hopefully I'm wrong this time too.
sell now it will be smashed like msft...
Road is open to $150, unless whole market decides to trend down the remaining months of this year.
well, let us see ... I think that all bigs company FB, goog, AMZN MSFT AAPL are totally over-evaluated... in 2 weeks we will know , if a technical correction is coming
I agree for all but not goog.
Outstanding result! It will go to the moon!
Today google will be pumped and selloff after earning
Wow. You know everything.
Strong sell. Don't buy until it reports earnings on 7/25. For the past 3 quarters Google had went down after earning. Wait until it goes back down again before entering the trade. My prediction Google will go down to $110 again.
Google will come down after earning on 7/25. Every time after earning it goes down. Buy after earning. Strong sell for now.
Strongly buy
Google abc is my first place I learned about finance and historical data, and where I wanted to work,as a analyst. Daniel Wolboldt. 9032354984.
s&b satellite are good ...
130 by end of june
Would be nice to get in at 105-107 if it falls fast.
1day to load up on calls before monthly opex