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$30 silver is impossible this year.  It's been impossible all year long.
so sell silver on rise with stop at 24 today silver weekend closed at 23.29
next silver positive only above 24 below 24 silver will take support at 18.85
Bulls need a Christmas rally
srry not this year
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I buy under 20
If china continue with deflation, you just might get it.
Exactly Strike!
Tech and industrial applications account for more than half of global silver demand. ( So why do they keep treating this like gold?) They are about to create a massive shortage! Mines take years to build!
Production is up 35%.
22.05 within two days
Ystrdy Silver made low 23.24 , , Ystrdy when Silver was at 24.12 , I had given intraday targt 23.12 / 23.08 , , do u remember . . this trgt will be achvd sure shot
Yeaterdays CoT report ( for Tuesday’s close ) showed the banks added 5k more shorts despite the Monday big swing ,, holding net shorts of beyond 50k contracts , was a very bearish CoT setup but would have been improved by this week’s 10% drop ,, still dont touch it before fomc or at least 22.65 ,, the GSR rocket to 87 means something bigger is cooking in the market ..
which way expected bro....up or down
Excellent analysis as always Dwain! Much appreciated as I don’t follow those reports! I think I posted a major fib level down at 22.80’s, but will be looking for your 22.65! Thanks again for the info!
So is everybody negative again now? That means it's going up again next week.
Dont B a fool, run it by me first, i know the situation with this market, they give you fake charts but i have the real ones..get ready for silver to fall more, the economys great, so that will bring down the silver price, its impossible for it to go up in the next few trading days, thats not ging to happen, we wont even sea 25 for xmas...short this like no 2morrow, you B glad you did, Sea you later!
R you serious ? looking for 35+ for xmas...have anther drink FRY, theres no way in hell its staying B low 25..! Dont know where you get your charts or information, but i see your really delusional...Keep trucking..!
think you better change you business from palm reading to turning over and reading tea leaves...
Joe mom said to stop using her tooth brush she can taste the gin after you use it
Ok kids, you need anything just let me know, i hold the ONLY real charts what most dont get to sea, so please stay tuned and ill up date you when i can....i got this..
one day silver will open sunday night up $10 ... ... the stops will all be $10 in the rear view mirow and the pile of market buy orders will be HUGE ... so then it will trade up another $10 in about 15 minutes  ... by then every short except jpm and boa will be bankrupt  ....THEN they will start covering ... what a ride that will be :) one fine day
That’s your investment/gambling thesis?
this week the MFs had their revenge alright ... but anyone who has actually traded metals for a long time knows that you ALWAYS see increased volatility before a BIG move ... and a BiG move is coming right up ... starting sunday night  the sma on the SiH is tuggin on it ... come back she is calling ...and she will slingshot it back to $24+ real fast ... I expect the move back up will make this week seem boring
I traded PMs for a long time and this week was pretty typical after a big run up. I don’t think it’s done yet, but there’s not a whole lot to make it move up in my view
you can see the 50 sma n the daily still tugging on silver all afternoon ...the pullback is over ... the spammers/scammers here know nothing except how to spam this site
kal tak yehi goonje ng main sunai de rahi thi
11%. 1 week
So -100% in 9 weeks? lol
Another buck lower from here. Pappa and his iPad knows the algos
Have you blocked the new Johnn fry yet?
This is total manipulation. The whole week red. One large pile of manure.
indeed ... there was the trademark 45 degree stair stepping at critical junctures all the way down ... that's how you know it is NOT market action ... lets see what their plan is next week ... this could be the tree shake down before THE ONE
After today the machines have finish buying for companies. The machines will be buying for the 401 k like they always do, except layoffs have slow down that bull market.
What a weak metal,gold spike 3% silver up around 1%,gold drop 3.5% this garbage drop almost 10% ,what a great silver!
sold s24.5 at 23.3 have a nice weekend