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next stop is 23.45
This has a half decent chance of taking out 23.29 based on the last candle. Half decent.
Not yet. Candle must close above it. You should know this.
Maybe we have an up day. Should have the up targets. Lol. If it’s going down expecting the wip first. Big wip
Today closing gree
In my dreams I can 25...its white.. Its black silver... Beggers trade
is . 66 still a resistance?
There is only one weigh to get an up move. Price must close above 23.29. It is acting as resistance currently.
dawin sp on h4 very bullish divergent, i am not speaking about oktober....
vikram sir today silver
Sell as much as u can , huge downmove expected
Look at the dow and sp500 monthly chart for the last 15 years,, there has been only 4 instances where the index dropped for 3 consecutive months,, and in all 4 cases that led to a huge crash of minimum 15% and maximum 50% ,, we now have 2 consecutive red months and starting october next week so expect the expected !
Yes. Indexes weak. The Russell is under its 200 simple on the daily. Not shore about the others.
The fed has been arresting any drops beyond 2 months,, this time i think they let go,, they need a market crash to pivot on rate hiking cycle and prepare for the easing,, those masters of the universe play with people's money, lives ,and emotions
I’m not at my chart yet. So I can give any resistance levels to the upside. But you be able to sea the importance of 23.29. Giving the downside target of 23.10 was easy because that’s the overnight low.
To BEGIN to change the bias today. 23.92 must be taken out. What are the chances of that happening today? Slim and none.
DXY has quasimodo shoulder on m30
Wait for the market crash in October, then buy in the 20-21 zone, and hold for $34 in jan / feb,, don't forget my tip later lol..
I look at the SP500 it is forming a right hand shoulder and looking for 4150 next month,, so the only way silver can go up is to completely diverge from the stockmarket,, it did happen in December 2018 when the market crashed, but being October and November it is still early for the strong seasonal rally ( December - Februrary )
dont get me wrong i am speaking abount 1-3 days max
thank you 👍🏼
Tug of war over 23.29. Bias is down so the probabilities are with the shorts
So you see better than 50% that the direction is down based on past bias. In every change that bias is wrong. Only on the direction change, which is the one you need.
Current bias is actually down
Even if 23.29 gets taken out the bias doesn’t change. We could get a decent long trade but it won’t change the bias.
23.10 is the first target for the shorts.
He isn’t biased just a very good chart analyst. The biased get upset when they hear something counter to their own thinking.
Paul, the bias is definitely down with me. That’s because the bias is actually down. It should be down with you also. The question is why?
If you want good news for the bull case, here it is. This thing should be way lower than it is based on the dollar strength. Many believe that interest rate cuts are coming and silver should go up. Futures traders must worry only about current direction lest they blow their account. If you have time to hold through down to 22.00 possibly then all is well with a longer term bull case.
today Silver $24
Impossible today
yes but tomorrow or thursday
Down it goes. Waiting for US mkt to open. More fall will come
can I get today 68
Big fall for this month in silver. Be cautious. Short at all rise
cat cuts the way, it will be delayed now
as i had told high of day shall be 72500-600 (23.500to23.550) .so sell silver aounrd72250 -500 (23.400-23.500)for low of day around 71300 (23.00)
in gold ,as per spot price it is trading at 1912.sell it aound 1916-1918 stoploss 1922-1923target1 -1909 target 2 -1903
wait for prices to come for selling
to be more precise , sell around 72400-72500 ( 23.450 to 23.500)
23.29 is today’s important level
what prefer sl for both?? pls mention also
Just above or below 23.29 whoever you are comfortable.
Its no good unless you know direction. Its all just smoke without direction