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this garbage silver ignored dollar and gold and rise because the big players know most sell so they buy silver remember no news no technical just a gambling walking opposite the most
buy this garbage silver as much as you can remember no news no technical just a gambling
200 simple on the daily still at 23.60
Man. What a crazy morning. Good thing that I didn’t sell.
I was long yesterday downsize this mid morning. I cannot follow this trading maybe flush to 22.29 next couple of trading days would a good thing.
Huge whipsaw.
the big players will take garbage silver at least to 25.4 don't sell remember no news no technical just a gambling don't look to gold or dollar just walk opposite the most
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Heshe F’d up yet once again and those who follow Heshe lost once again…LOLOLOL John Fry 49 minutes ago You should be looking for shorts. Not longs. John Fry 48 minutes ago But is somehow, price can close above 23.325, then maybe you can hit a klong but it wont produce much most likely.
buy as much as you can the big players buy silver
Silver be like : kaisa lga mera mazak??
Stops are taken out.  Shorts are gone.  Battery died on my mouse
 Shorts place stops just above their entry.  23.515 or close to it.  When those stops get taken out, they turn into market orders causing the burst. AStop runs are involuntary.  It is what happens after the stop run that matters and here we are.
 No. Not that high.  Where did you get the idea that the stops are at 23.70?
 Stops probably got triggered around 23.535 or so.
as I mentioned earlier buy silver because the big players know most sell silver ignored rise dollar and bonds and ignored down gold obviously gambling
didn't expected that ans was out to early
23.7 here we come for the resistance, prior support, right John?
jobless claim fail to meet expectation
this is insane, do anyone has idea what has just happens?
Squeeze and direction ...
what about gold ?
Launch points exist. Aka. 23.21. Pappa
Lol. Saying NG would pop at every local maxima, then stay here
shorts should be baling left right and center by now, just wait and see.
Hedged both side
wow let's say 5% plus from minus ... would be drastic lol
God saved me
Women and Children first
That was a big push...caused a lot of short covering. Now that we're bumping the 50 sma on the hourly's...let's see if this still has any fuel left in the tank?! Above 23.51 and a hold...would be pleasing for longs. I still agree that the 200 sma needs to be retested for assurance about this move!
Chart.  How things can change so quickly+++
You are getting ahead of the chart.  Again.
There's a name for that, it's called anticipation buddy. Just squeeze this shorters hard.
I think the dollar can do it, go down another 500 basis points, back to where this hype all began, like yesterday.
go green 💚 faster
What a missed buying opportunity, no need to cry over spilled milk, that may be the lower lows everyone has been waiting for, LOL. Wait no more, we are done with this bearish hype, squeeze is starting for those who shorted down that way, just wait.
I think buy today, you won't get this price to buy this year