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Hum yahan ke Robin hood hai ۔۔۔۔Robin Hood Pandey ۔۔۔۔Samjha Beta
Lootlo silver 🥈 very cheap
if it's in my hand l will ask for strike from all trader not all of us hold we want our money value back buster
Silver closed above weekly wma which is a bulish signal .we can cee 24.92 soon before a retrace
l will give you example l am working in used cars l bought cars by 400 dollars in corna when silver 12 now the price is 800 dollars do l win anything no but you can say you froze your purchase money the question now is it the right time to froze your money here
(scab cars)
do you think gold silver collapsed in 1995 never it maintained thier purchase power its the dollar only Who went strong or weak
how silly aml to say inteste rate cpi not matter
and l ve listened once to some one he waited 16 years for stocks to be back
yes you buy by the dollar and no matter strong or not but when you gona sell us and ask for our precious dollar it matter so that what happened when liquidity withdraw from market in 1995 .94.96
the silver regulated by bond which regulated dollar strong the bond controlled not completely by fund if search the end of the story is (dollar)
that will not do any benefit l know so pass your trading on market roll and shut up your mouth
oil silver gold we buy by dollar despite how much dollar strong or weak if those being normalized as vegetables market on demand or selling the oil will never be -and gold and silver will never down
why oil went-at that time because market bisk are wrong that was the price acomputer do his job to what he was programed
positional level all segment 85 open 2507 mid 7662 last
sell silver 73750 tgt 72985,71966,7077068883 sl 7****( expect sure hit 70770 coming days)
sell silver 73824 tgt 71966,68883 sl 77540
khud type karkey khud like joun karta hai bey bhsdk
swagat kro iska jhantoo ka
I'm not interested in your sis۔۔۔۔bro ۔ better try to another person
ye vib creation h renu aunty h
renu benarjee
This Diwali Silver Will Be Cheap ۔۔۔۔
Swagat Toh Karo Hamara
L pkd sab ka
Oddly flat...and the technical indicator on this site at 'strong buy'. Luring in more sheep for fleecing before contracts expire
Good Night Traders. Wet dreams 💤
so the most important data is next cpi
market is much stronger than 2008 and 2020 stock bond silver but not tested yet
2020 prove wrong now not tested
Stock speculators legs shiver
testing the high again probably on Monday and good opportunity for sell