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Yesterday dr rice certain the up move was real
You don’t know the history here. Dr rice used to attack me at every turn. Now he has me blocked because I challenged him. , he is hiding. Maybe do a little homework. Unlike you, I don’t attack anyone unprovoked.
You attack me personally over my technical analysis. Accurate technical analysis I might add. Why do think that is?
Cassie has a habit of licking the ass of Hobb and Bob lol
Today was an excellent opportunity to make money shorting silver
biden getting impeached ... trump getting persecuted ... usa debt  to gdp way higher than after ww2 ... stocks near record highs ... and the manipulators so busy stuffing the flight to safety trade ... YOU KNOW they know it's game over if they dont .... so, everyone know the score and that it is not sustainable ... PERIOD
SMASH DOWN ... then consolidate ... then rally ... that is the CUSTOMARY PROGNOSIS ... sometimes you get a rebound move quickly ... but normal is a day or two of consolidation then back up ... so I'm long over the weekend
No ones complaining here, JUST LMAO..! hurry money to B made quick quick what does your charts say ? great anoligy. ..!
What was the reason investing gave you for bouncing Leroy Wilson?
He didn't get banned he willingly signed off, and closed his account...he told everyone a day B4 he disappeared..Now im taking over from what I learned from him, He Saved me so much money and opened my eyes to this Fake market..All you guys do is go back and forth, No one knows or makes anything
That’s because the market goes back and forth
so all of your prediction R just dreams.. NO ONE KNOW or can tell how the Spoofing market wotrks, All i know for a FACT, You have 2 B a Fool to play in it..!
You palm Readersd. All of you, The charts, the fed, the dix, going upgoing down, You ALL R DELUSIONAL..! THERES NO SUCH THING AS REAL INFO..! The comex wouldnt B in bisss
Stop complaining and learn the math. Today's open was a gift for shorting.
Whoya talking to ? The math? Where do you get your numbers from ? Sad very sad, think you need to get your booster..!
I chart and use an algo. My call this morning was to short @ 23.60.
Silver NEVER EVER disapoints..! Its a true hwyto wealth...Its when most everryone gives up and no one wants, thats the time to buy...
Hippy hop do da..! The Silver markets GREAT.! Alls you guys R repeating what went on if you knew what was going on, EVERYONE would have Caught today..! But No, 999.9% didnt make do do....
Great Day ..! So to all you who Know how this Fake market works, You All Must have made a mint with that 1.50 bonce 2day..! Good for you..! This is great, thats why ALL RTHIS PALM READING DONT WORK..! If it did you would have caught that 150 plus points..! Now thats biog cash..!
closing price please
Many longs have been flushed out with this down move. Just like many shorts have been flushed out with that up move. Bias remains down in a big weigh.
this time to $50
no body predicted today's movements and afterthought commentary going on now
That’s right about the after thoughts, I am not one of them. $50 will be years away
John Fry.... Any entries for long here....
No. We wheel know more on Monday. Don’t touch it today.
hope you all seen my view 22.43
Can we get back to $23 next week?
Silver miners catching a bid
this looks like a very strong support
October 4 presidential alert or maybe October 11?
hopfully i caught the bottom gl hf
Another Scammmmmm
Bottom has not stuck yet.
Monthly close game it was