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Wall Street Daily
Junk Bonds Still Not Rich Enough By Wall Street Daily - Oct 09, 2015

Income-seeking investors are often tempted by junk bonds – especially if they use a broker who actively markets them. With prices down this year – the Barclays (LONDON:BARC) U.S. Corporate...

James Picerno
Another Rough Week For Junk Bonds By James Picerno - Oct 05, 2015

DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach says that it’s too early to start buying junk bonds. Although below-investment-grade fixed-income securities have been sliding for more than a year, ...

Hale Stewart
3 Reasons Corporate Yields Are Widening By Hale Stewart - Sep 30, 2015

The above chart from the FRED system shows corporate spreads have widened. The Aaa (red line, left scale) rose from 1.6% to 1.9% since the first of the year while the Baa spread (blue line, right ...

Mike Paulenoff
Down Goes 10-Year Yield By Mike Paulenoff - Sep 28, 2015

IMF head Christine Legarde announced on Monday that the International Monetary Fund intends to lower its growth forecasts due to emerging-market weakness -- 3.3% "is no longer realistic." Let's keep ...

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