US 10 Year T-Note Futures - Dec 23 (TYZ3)

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Who knows the target Manipulators are heading to? HHH
0 soon
120 is underway soon
Get ready for the next leg down, impact on equity pricing will be significant.
Sitting at key level, trade carefully, this could move faster than people imagine
worthless papers
2007 support levels here. Time for HUGE up 🚀🚀🚀
and it's been tested we should break through....
Up , Up and Away 🚀
Buying a few contracts here @ 109.19… Tight stops. If it breaks through 52 week lows ill find a quick exit.
Wow 56 week low bounced perfectly on the penny.. Hard not to buy at least into a dead cat bounce here…
and that's all you get...
buy more
dude are you a contrarian indicator...?
the im be cil es from the fed are led by the markets to yet another hike and at the end the debt will simply destroy the current system So good that BTC exists :)
Hi, Bros!!! You'd better buy it up soon. HHH
Going to be up 30% in 18 months. Good luck on your trade
pendulum swing in the monthly
This time, I am thinking it stops at 10.7. It could have a bounce at 111.50 possibly.
rumour surprise rate hike is coming
10 year T Note rallying strong this evening. I'm not sure about the rumor
now infx.
if there is a rate hike, it could trade all the way down to 112. maybe the last hike. 112 would let it be an invert hs and subsquent rise.
probably sell off until wednesday then its purchased when Powell speaks. it may continue to be purchased until friday even with a rate increase.
Amzn at 107.50 resistance if it holds. Its going to 110
Wrong forum anyways TLT 105.5 call 4/28 @ .50
Yields are going to zero friends
not if inflation stays sticky. not the last decade playbook.
back to 113
One wonders how this new bull market in stocks forms in this climate. It doesn't make sense. Looking for that price on the 10 year droping..and looking like a buy sooner or later.