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why 10 year yield went down so much? who did buy it?
You know it's time to.... HHH
Global Bonds Head for Best Month Since 2008 Financial Crisis /bloomberg HHH
Past recent high with bullish movements
US 500 and 10Y note graphs are  almost   identical
Uptrend confirmed
In a Wednesday meeting with China's Xi Jinping, the No. 2 holder of $867.1 billion in U.S. Treasuries, what will Biden's conversation topic in the crisis of the budget deadline on the 17th? HHH
going down again?
Look !! HHH
ill wait for Trump 2024 and then buy
technicals mean nothing for treasuries
lmao sure it doesn't
should I buy now or wait for before Trump re-election?
Planning to start long position tomorrow.
Would it not be brilliant if ZN wouldm spike low tomorrow to a new low, only to reverse sharply higher next week?
Could 10 year fall to par or below?
Bill ackman says he has covered his Gov yields paper short. Cannot trust Bill too much. Going to get out of ZN long tomorrow.
Action = Reaction (Newton's law of physics, he lost his fortune partcipating in the South Sea bubble & did not heed his own rules).
Soon this will be a massive money maker. On the long side. Low margin req enables large position,. Massive bounce in the making.  But will eventually default bros.
Shorts need to pay 5% coupon rates plus margin .... some are covering
This is the worst 4years ever lol
The Fd is just too funny 😁. Today they came out and basically said, OK 🌎 WE got it right, the yields are good here and yields will fall as the economy slows👌 Well he left out the part where no one in the world wants to hold this trash and are dumping it as fast as they can. IMHO
Fly My Pretty Fly! 🧹
ppt, calling ppt. you're need in the OR stat.
Hi, Bros!!! It will reach 103.4!!! HHH