S&P 500 VIX Futures - Feb 23

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  • Volatility Index? Oh please. We all know the market is manipulated by hedge fund money lords and meme punks.
    • Yes, how does the VIX get manipulated?
    • Hedge fund sells, creates false news, then buys after the drop. Sell, pump, dump. Fairly clear to me. Forget them. Invest using Company Age, Market Share, PE, and Viability of Product/Service. Expect growth over time. Pay for good advice or management with big portfolios. Use common sense.
    • Let’s do the math. The ES has over $38 trillion in market cap. Hedge funds do not have that much money to move the ES that substantially. That’s why they aim for small cap stocks. VIX is algorithmic and based on the CBOE formulas. Those formulas haven’t changed since 2013. You are just spamming buzzwords with no actual content to the question. That totally leads me to believe that your word lacks any merit.