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When the market tanks this time no back stop, most investors are all in.
$BPSPX +2.40 at 69.80%. Most market makers are 30-45% short though and that's all we need to know.
Wrong on both counts
... Check out TechTrend Trader and try telling me retail is overly long. Start SPX chat late October. Learn from the bullish % and what it tells market makers about risk. You retail kids that think everything is just one sided.
Should see above 14 by EOD if Powell stands firmly hawkish and not give in.
Sick of the media spins
how on earth is this not below 13 with all the bullish stocks.
Vx ohhh vx, just if you are patient
I todl you
Buy order 13,36
Seems crashy, I guess.
buy vix, hong kong market crashes to lowest in 5 years
Bought 13.68 Dec , SL 13.43
Why now
the price is very close to the lower trend line in my chart , if will go down, i will take the loss at SL
$BPSPX +0.40 at 64.80% on 11/30/23 close!
Theres no volition in the markwt futures. They paint them at 7pm and theyre fixed at that level all night and into morning.
Buy vix. Hold as positional. Hold long position with patience
beware market crashes next week, watch nickle chart.
Still grasping at straws. What's the 5-year avg price of nickel. Understand supply constraints and easing of those constraints.
Buy vix. 13.50/13.90 zone
It's simple maf, really.
16, coming
China markets will crash causing u.s markets to crash, infection is spreading in China over 300,000 million infections
Jack, you led us wrong with NATGAS and now you are leading us to the FLAMES with your next prediction as ALL Markets have Embedded Stochastics to the upside.
I'm waiting for Jack's October 1987 crash, which didn't happen on Monday. Jack and TechTrend Trader must have the same psychic.
Jack is just another ignorant drama queen
Get ready for fresh year lows.. after that we can see a bounce to $16/17
nothing is free in this world.
Shorting volatility with smart option strategies = risk free $$. I have posted how for 10 years.
Buy if you get it at $12.60/$13.50 zone
Contango over 30% into Jan contracts. Learn what this means and how to make risk free $$
beware nickle prices crashed dow jones will follow
good time to load on leaps
bond prices going down, the world needs money, turkey raised the rate to 40 percent. The highest bidder wins
A new virus in China is spreading. It can be worse than COVID.
can vix go to zero
No. Vix can not to to zero. There is always volatility in the market. Learn what vix is so you dont ask really bad questions