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shorts are being sold
Pfizer will turn to his previous of 30-35 monthly. Until another pandemic blow as the monkey pox did not had enough impact. Hope that AstraZeneca and Russian Sputnik do not have the same impact. Just saying...
Pfizer is 100% manipulated by the CEO and other insiders. That's why its stock price will never go up.
I wish it closes in green today
AstraZeneca goes high everyday, but Pfizer keeps falling... that is why the billionaires are not interested in Pfizer.
Astras doomed days are on tge horizon
Dont you just love shorting corrupt companies
Like a rock! Look out below…
Merck or Lilly is a great buy, but Pfizer is a great sell. I still very enjoy shorting Pfizer.....
Short sellers always win. Buyers always lose. Pfizer only makes short sellers rich.
Many buyers have left this message board, which means Pfizer is worthless and nobody is interested.
Medical approval is not there for the virus so why supply shots that are not of any value
Those shots are now a liability!
Flirida state grand jury just apprived an investigation into the companies that made the shot including all data related is being released
always good for life
Pfizer shot and blood clots linked and they knew the whole time!
All covid is lie. Noone trust them. They will must go with viagra super cheap to be able survive. Noone know what will come. I hope justice for people who lost due to them few years of or full live
Celine dions tragic end was from the shot !
Day good to go
I shorted another 2,000 shares today, and I believe God is going to let Pfizer go down again. . . .
Yep me too! These poison shot companies are gonna go down hard , once the fake mainstream news stops covering for them ! Gods wrath for the truth is coming soon!
Look! Pfizer is falling, and buyers are now scared. Never expect Pfizer to be more than $70
All buyers are starting to worry about the Pfizer sell-off. Pfizer is a worthless drug company that will never go higher.time to short more shares.
Only naive Traders use the word never and worry about what others do
ALL shorter are now gone, we going to the moon finally
one user has made this forum completely pointless, please mods ban him
T2 Biosystms Inc (TTOO) go go go
Pfizer is the best short stock ever. its COVID-19 vaccines is the worst, people get all the boosters from Pfizer and still get infected. What a joke. That's why its stock price is so low.
Moderna is the best stock anyone can buy, but Pfizer is everyone's nightmare, even if you don't own it.
who want buy this can you tell me. So many court is coming. They will must pay a lot for deaths. Full Twitter talk
Short Pfizer now, or regret it for life. I'm glad I've been shorting this worthless stock. I can pay for my child's tuition.
Can Pfizer Surpass $70 Per Share? The answer is absolutely not! the CEO & other managers won't that happen.