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next leg - 428
The reset has begun time to make real 💰
needs to break 400-405 if we going under that, and we should be well under that...almost did recently but the weasels sounded their oversold/buy horn...and again of late.
fair price is 40
2000 soon
Jim Cramer when would you suggest to buy the dip?
Goldman live yesterday. Today, Traders dumped a record $40 billion of stock futures in past week, Goldman says Reply
Lets goo....  what time today do we start to see acceptance on the poor jobs numbers and reverse back up
This is not real.
Another day another fake analyst upgrade. Guys buy puts with both hands.
Thats absurd. Market dumping, competition growing, and a crazy high valution. This is a hold at this level, at best.
P/E ratio higher than Tesla. This is completely sustainable. Everyone should buy more
Just one healthy red day. Come on
People think the market for A.I chips is worth 1 trillion.
Puts print
Psychological and algo 450 is the only thing at play here.
this junk moved more than Nasdaq 100
Look at smart moneys BRKa. But it's different here right
Funny, the suckers are piling into this junk stock! Time to short this garbage
Look at this hand. Focus here. Attention engineering is wanting people to focus all attention on the 5 fingers of Maang
GS upgrades Nvidia but GS itself is down 1.5%
GS needs to mention Ai and their stonk will shoot to the moon
You know the news is fake.
Jerome Powell speaking panic nvidia hyperinflation chips cost $40,000 each no orders filled and canceling orders
Jerome Powell speaking panic nvidia hyperinflation
Jerome powell speaking