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What happened meta mates? China influences this stock like apple?
That whole censorship thing isn't working out as planned.
How's the front for the deep states censorship tool shell company doing collecting metadata today
People invest into companies that sensor them. 🤔
that is funny, also people invest war industry, oil companies and tobacco industry
Censorshiptool Meta is a threat to democracy and it's freedoms.
Metadata deep state front company will never go to zero. They have a global wide CBDC credit system to censor for.
Who would have ever thought this company would have a market cap of a Billion $$$?
What's the deep state censorship meta data collecting puppet shell companies price going to do this week.
Buy this metadata hotpot front company and support state sponsored censorship.
going up
200 coming
as I've said from 310 short this garbage
big gap up next 2-3 day 310-315
good news......up
short this pos
up up up 325🌏👍
Deep state puppet boys censorship shell company looks sick today like it received a mandated clot shot
Meta is a dying company. Their newest product, threads, is a complete failure
Deep state tool boy called off the censorship match with Musk.
Freedom of speech Vs Deep state sponsored Meta. Meta data collections
META’s products are duds. Why this dog keeps going up is beyond me?