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▄︻┻┳┳┻︻▄Don't forget, that Time is Money, and in ancient times, a prior invention of money, time was used as well money. You don't exchange a cat for a horse. You exchange some goods, you acquired spending, say a day😏😏😏 of your labour, for goods, you know other will spend a day to produce. Sure, I oversimplify here, and measures also include expected time to search for something, but it is and always was just time. get involve use your time wisely For more K.A.T.H.Y What'S'Ap+) 4 4 7 3 6 6 5 1 9 2 1 5▄︻┻┳┳┻︻▄
it's going nowhere 300 to 325 for next 90 days
bought 315
even zukerberg is selling that itself should tell you time for 20% down today 🔥🔥🔥.
340 is a sell
wouldn't you think a company like this having a market cap > $1billion would actually make a product that betters civilization?
you mean $1 trillion? and yeah, Meta brings tremendous value to lots of people. I could argue brings way more benefits to civilization than Apple for example.
Those who want to control free speech have never been the good guys.
that's why I don't really like Elon Musk
Now that Twitter was exposed as a front for the socialist overthrow of free speech by alphabet agencies Meta is next I suppose
This might touch 380+ month end
MONTHLY R2 maybe. $bpndx now 72% and bulls will be feeding some out. RS vs QQQ remains strong at 86.56
How many people died during the clot shot Plandemic because Meta data censorship blocked doctors from speaking their minds.
how many?
Good bull
still the cheapest mega cap
These comments are worthless
Kiven needs to go back to his right wing extremist forums. This is a stock platform.
By censorship of doctors during the Plandemic how many people died of the clot shot agenda behind Klaus boys Facebook. Many I suppose
How many govts use Meta Data Facebook to censor free speech. Vietnam and the US sure do. Who else
No one use FB to censor anything :D. Govts use X (twitter) to censor.
Court documents and testimony prove you're dead wrong. Must be the clot shot affecting your genetics and thinking.
no one uses facebook to censor anything :DD Govts use X (twitter) to censor free speech.
How is the Klaus boy's state controlled censorship front doing today. Clot shot Plandemic victims want to know.
10 Billion I plus
How's the global govts censorship front doing today. Too bad they censored doctors during the Plandemic. How many lives could have been saved from the clot shots.
400 ?
new ATH on the way within nov
should go and test the low 279.40 as support
Zuckerberg is a cultie of the Klaus young global economic leaders club. A govt puppet of the censorship tool used by govts to oppress free speech.
He's just a crazy power monger like most of these CEOs. Youth is wasted on the young, and wealth is wasted on the wealthy.