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they will disappoint big time at earnings. -10% move down at least
until now it was all about cost cutting. if their revenue does not go up substantially they will be punished bad
Someone give META data censorship tool a clot shot. It's leaking out confidence and thus money.
guess where this is gonna close??? 3rd week straight. hedgie has it pinned at 300$ sorry call buyers this morning. end up with nothing at 4pm
Zuckerberg is an alumni of the Klaus young global economic leaders cult. Like Trudeau of Canada and Newsome of California. A cult.
How many lives were lost at the command of alphabet agency censorship during the clot shot plandemic. The atheists better be correct in their opinion.
Legislation in progress. Meta data spy front will have to watermark their AI fact checking with opinion algos.
How's the FBIs state sponsored anti first amendment socialist front shell company doing today.
great level to add puts again. hedgie is very predictable once it gets around 300$ collect that premium 💪
another banger +5$ on puts in 2 hours thanks 🤑
$280 today
so predictable. another week you noobs lost it all on calls over 300
Today Rally
Horrible customer support when compared to other tech giants. Short it into the ground 💀💀!
target 350 this week
perfect price for hedgefunds to pin it on a Friday. 300$ close. sorry options
off by 31 cents 😆wow they are good at maximizing profits
is this company and the likes going to save this country as food and energy soar? pay to have your privacy taken away?
Vietnam pays and allows Metadata censorship tool to operate there on the condition they censor people's negative talk against their govt. Same algos, creators, designers, social engineers, attention engineers are guilty of violating US first amendment.
Lawsuit time. Here and on Meta. US 5th circuit ruled in favor of the 1st amendment and against Bidet and the deep state.
US 5th circuit ruled Bidet and the alphabet agencies likey violated the 1st amendment. Hey Fascist Book Meta data collection agency... freedom and human rights just kicked your agenda in the binary ballz.
just opened tiktok for first time in 1 year and it feels dead. Most of the people i'm following haven't posted in months. the algorithm feels quite bad when you are used to reels. I think the tiktok threat is finally over. Also twitter (X) is getting destroyed by Musk and threads. Snapchat and pinterest... does anyone even really use those platforms? Meta monopoly is back stronger than ever with most advanced AI and dominance in AR/VR with quest 3 coming this month. and also no china exposure. and fastest growing FAAMG. current multiple is a joke. this should be at least 25x forward not 19x.
im using none
pinned at 300$ for the close. hedgefunds love collecting those premiums from selling calls
Who would buy shares in a company like this?
State sponsored censorship is out of favor now. Metadata collections is out of fashion. Deep state has been exposed.
The big guys are wicked! 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🤦
sell it now
lol at anyone that jumped in over 300. the big boys stole your money again
crazy stock